March 18, 2018

Road Blocks for the Texans: Handling Success

In this series we will look at potential road blocks for the Houston Texans heading into the 2012 season. This is part 4 of the series.



Handling Success



When you read about the Houston Texans you commonly find the words “Super Bowl” somewhere in the conversation and this thought has gained steam after a great run to the playoffs in 2011. The talk is warranted because the Texans did it with a team that was decimated with injuries.  Now with a team looking like they are going to be full strength heading into the 2012 season, expectations couldn’t be higher. With success comes publicity and everyone wants a piece of the pie.  Media and fans are lined up for a shot to have a glimpse of what could be in Houston during the 2012 season.

You can look no further than what has transpired since the 2011 season came to an end. Texans have appeared on NFL Network, ESPN and Sirius Radio to name a few, and it seems like everywhere you turn the Texans creep into the conversation. The last time the Texans were dealing with success was after the 2009 season when they went 9-7 and headed into the 2010 year with high expectations, not the Super Bowl talk but in the playoffs discussion to say the least.  The Texans fell flat on their face to a 6-10 record, which in turn caused the majority of the defensive staff to be replaced and the possible replacement of Gary Kubiak. Low expectations and a new defensive staff in 2011, the Texans defied the odds and won their first playoff game in franchise history. Now the media and fan base are thinking the Texans have already hung the moon for what they did last season, but every season is a new one and the 2010 season should be a cautionary tale. It will be up to Kubiak to keep his young team grounded and it will be up to the veterans on the team to remember what it took for them to get to this point.

It is great to build on the success the team had, but as easy as it was to attain, it is easy for a team to lose just as quick. The Texans have NEVER had back to back winning seasons in 10 years and only TWO winning seasons in franchise history, so there is something to be desired from this team. They have never been in this position before and expectations couldn’t be any higher, and the Texans have built a better roster for this challenge. The spotlight will be on them when training camp kicks off in less than a month and the pressure will mount with each passing day for results.

The city of Houston deserves a winning franchise and the Texans are in the best position to provide this, but having false hopes because of last season could provide some issues. Fans will talk Super Bowl but the Texans need to take those experiences from last season and take it one game at a time. The coaching staff has plenty of experience when it comes to winning but it will be up to them to keep the players accountable for what happens on the field. Everything is not going to be perfect this coming season and fans will be quick to push the panic button. The Texans are learning how to win and be a competitive franchise for years to come but keeping grounded will be the key to another big season.



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