March 18, 2018

Road Blocks for the Texans: The Journey

In this series we will look at potential road blocks for the Houston Texans heading into the 2012 season. This is part 5 of the series.



The Journey


We have talked about injuries, contract issues, the quarterbacks the Houston Texans will see, and “If” they can handle the success from last season. There are so many road blocks for the 2012 Texans but ultimately it comes down to what happens on the field, and they will be the hunted on Sundays. Being the favorites of the AFC South this season, the Texans are in prime position to take their second crown in two consecutive seasons.

The Texans better get ready to bring their A game all 16 games this season because when you are on top you will get the best effort from every team you face. This season will be interesting and, despite having the 29th toughest schedule in the NFL, there might be a false sense of hope brewing for Houston fans on how easy this it going to be.

The 13 teams they are facing in 2012 combined for a record of 121-135 (.473 winning %) and only 5 of the teams had 9 wins or more last season (Titans, Patriots, Ravens, Packers, Lions). Five of these teams were playoff teams, excluding the Titans and adding the Broncos, but the other teams on the schedule are “primed” for comeback seasons. The Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are on the borderline of being potentially better teams in 2012 but they still have some work to be done.

On paper, the Texans look like they should have the upper hand in the majority of their games, and with quarterback Matt Schaub getting a full go for the 2012 season, all the pieces really seem to be in place. With Andre Johnson on the mend, the Texans should be complete heading into training camp. After the Baltimore loss in the AFC Divisional playoff, the Texans knew they let one slip away and the journey for the 2012 season started immediately, the real work to be a top franchise and meet all of the expectations they set for the new season.

The season is a marathon and not a race and the Texans have plenty of questions to be answered when it comes to the team. There will be bumps, injuries, bad plays, turnovers, fans pushing the panic button and NFL teams in the way of the Texans ultimate goal, the Sup…. (Nevermind). The Texans’ goal should be “one at a time” and the rest will take care of itself.  Let the fans be crazed and let the analysts be critical.  The 53 players, 8 practice squad players, and coaching staff is all that matters in the long run. It is not going to be easy as every team will be in the way and the outside distractions will be there too, from temptations that will get them on the headlines of the news (not the good ones).

The Lombardi Trophy is what this season is all about, but isn’t that what every season is about? Confidence is high and anything can derail the main goal. Let the season play out and let the Texans do their work. It has been a long off-season and the Texans have never been in a better position for success, and training camp is right down the road.

For the fans, be grounded and reasonable when it comes to this season but don’t be one of the fans that pushes the panic button when something goes wrong. It is an exciting season on tap for the Texans but just remember anything that is worth something doesn’t come easy, and this season will be a prime example of that.


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