March 22, 2018

Name That Texans’ Player: Volume 4

After much success. we bring back ”Name that Texan!”  We bring back 7 Texans players from the vault to see if you know who your past Texans were. Trust me, if you can recognize the past players we are fully impressed.

The answers are at the bottom of the post. Let us know how you do! Good Luck.


The Photo Lineup


2002 Team

This tight end was drafted by New England in 2001 in the 4th round, and played 11 games for the Texans in 2002. He started 8 games and caught 7 passes for 73 yards. He was with the team until the end of the 2003 season.


Who is he?






2003 Team

His last season as a professional was here in Houston. He started 5 games and rushed for 253 yards and 4 touchdowns for the Texans in 2003.


Who is he?





2004 Team

His last season as a NFL football player was in 2004 while with the Texans. After starting 12 games in 2003, he did appear in 15 games for the Texans. The San Antonio native finished his Texans career with 44 total tackles and 2 quarterback sacks.


Who is he?




2005 Team

With Houston since 2003, 2005 marked the last season with the Texans. He had 2 catches for 26 yards. Only starting in 3 games for the Texans he appeared in 21 total games in a 3 year stretch with the team. Name this Texans Ambassador.


Who is he?


2006 Team

This defensive back made his living on special teams with his 17 games with the Texans. He started on game at defensive back during the 2006 season, and averaged 23.8 yards a kickoff return.


Who is he?




2007 Team

Only spending one season with the Texans, 2007 marked this safeties last season in the NFL. He appeared in 16 games for the Texans only having 7 total tackles, mainly on special teams. Traded for Jason Babin, he never lived up to the hype that he generated in Seattle.


Who is he?



2008 Team

Keeping on the trend, this running back spend his last professional season in Houston appearing in 12 games. He spent 5 seasons in Denver, and rushed for -3 yards as a Texan in 2008.


Who is he?





2002- Jabari Hollaway (Tight End, 2002-2003)

2003- Stacey Mack (Running Back, 2003)

2004- Corey Sears (Defensive Lineman, 2002-2004)

2005- Matt Murphy (Tight End, 2003-2005)

2006- Dexter Wynn (Defensive Back, 2006-2007)

2007- Michael Boulware (Defensive Back, 2007)

2008- Cecil Sapp (Running Back, 2008) 



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  1. D. Roque says:

    I only got two. I am so ashamed.

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