March 24, 2018

Where do the Texans Rank in NFL Training Camps?

With the near disaster that took place on the Houston Texans’ website at 8 a.m. Wednesday, fans were in an uproar when it came to trying to get their FREE training camp tickets. Fans were tweeting about the issues that ensued with waiting in a virtual line for their tickets, and plenty came out empty-handed. With some miracle, later in the day the Texans website reopened some of the “SOLD OUT” dates and fans were able to get their tickets.

No real clue what the Texans were doing with the ticket situation.  It almost felt like they were releasing them in stages so everyone had a fair shot to get the tickets. Also, for the first time one of the practice day’s tickets has to be picked up at a local Academy. Plenty of changes and frustrations for fans, including me, but everything seemed to turn out well by day’s end.

Then it got me to thinking on how the Texans stack up against the rest of the NFL when it comes to training camp. If you have been to Houston for training camp, the Texas heat is harsh on fans and the concrete practice facility bakes anyone near it. The Texans have 6 open practices to the public and that is one of the lowest amount of open practices in the NFL. As fan friendly as the Texans seem to be, there are plenty of NFL teams who have double digit practices.

The only real reason I think the Texans have such a small amount of open practices is the heat during the day and, most of all, the tight lid the Texans like to keep on the franchise. Take a look where the Texans training camp matches up with others around the NFL.


See what you think?


AFC East

Miami Dolphins-  15 open to the public

Buffalo Bills- 15 open to the public

New England Patriots- 4 days, with future dates to be announced with the New Orleans Saints

New York Jets-  14 open to the public


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens- 2 open practices, $10 parking

Cincinnati Bengals- 16 open practices, $10 parking

Cleveland Browns– 16 open practices

Pittsburgh Steelers-  16 open practices


AFC South

Indianapolis Colts- 15 open practices, Colts City open: 12:50-5:00 p.m.

Jacksonville Jaguars– 8 open practices

Tennessee Titans– 12 open practices


AFC West

Denver Broncos– 18 open practices

San Diego Chargers-  10 open practices, able to bring in own food and drinks to stadium

Oakland Raiders- not released.

Kansas City Chiefs- 15 open practices, $5 admission fee


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys14 open practices

New York Giants- 14 open practices

Philadelphia Eagles- 18 open practices

Washington Redskins- 13 open practices


NFC North

Chicago Bears- 9 open practices, First 1,000 fans get a free gift from the Bears

Detroit Lions- 1 practice paired with Country Music singer Randy Houser “Coach’s Kickoff”

Green Bay Packers- 21 open practices

Minnesota Vikings- 15 open practices, With Alumni Day (Vikings’ great come back to be with fans)


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons- 13 open practices, $1.00 menu for fans

Carolina Panthers- 15 open practices, T-Shirt Tuesdays, Family Fun Days, Kids can watch practice on the field.

New Orleans Saints- 14 open practices

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 9 open practices


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- 14 open practices

St. Louis Rams- 16 open practices

San Francisco 49ers- 1 open practice due to stadium construction, “Fan Fest”

Seattle Seahawks- 13 open practices, $6 transportation fee per person to field


Do the Texans need to open up more practices to the public?


Did you see this screen when you were trying to get tickets?



You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans and is a draft analyst on Sideline Scouting.


2 Responses to “Where do the Texans Rank in NFL Training Camps?”
  1. Unknown121 says:

    Open practices tend to have the Texans go vanilla. They don’t show much. You don’t learn much about guys in shorts, shirts, and minimal pads. I’d rather them open no practices, get the work in, and win real games.

  2. Me says:

    The Texans don’t like to give up play formations that can be posted online. They are very secretive in that regard. I believe that’s why they want to limit the practices. I have no problem with this after seeing an NFL films story on Super Bowl VIII. Don Shula said the coaches noticed a new formation from the Vikings in a news report. When the play happened in the game, the Dolphins stuffed it. So yes, teams seek out as much info as possible to get a leg up.

    The Capers regime was much more open. I don’t think at all that’s why that team failed. All you needed was one game tape to know what that team’s game plan was.

    The business side of the team would most likely want more fan practices.

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