March 22, 2018

Texans Training Camp Primer: Fans Camp Checklist

This is Part Three of our Training Camp Preview which will be released throughout the week.




We actually take a break from talking Houston Texans players and talk about training camp for the fans. Many Texans fans are excited about making the trek down to Kirby Lane to the Texans’ practice facility to get a 2 hour glimpse of the Texans. The practice schedule has been released with 6 open dates for fans to come and watch a controlled environment for the Texans. We give some key advice for you, the fan, on what to expect heading to the 2012 training camp dates.




Heat Factor- Not only does the team do a good job of protecting their players with short morning practice sessions and finishing practice in the bubble in the evening, the Texans are ranked to have the hottest training camp weather in the NFL. If the Texans are worried about heat issues for the team, so should you for yourself. They will have water at camp (for a price) but my suggestion is to drink plenty of water the night before camp. The fields are surrounded by concrete which will make the temperature that day feel at least 10 degrees hotter. Wear a hat and make sure if you have a small kid you put them in a stroller so they don’t have to walk. Make it easy, put sunscreen on and pray for an overcast day.


Autographs- Be prepared, bring your sharpie and item to be signed.  There will be an autograph alley where players walk to get to the field. Only a small number actually walk, while the majority take the carts to the field. Don’t expect big name players to walk through after practice, expect rookies and practice squad players to walk through. If you are looking to get some big names, look for the “Plinko” game line behind the practice field to win a chance to win a wrist band to get a position group to sign your item of choice. Expect to wait in line and also be ready for some disappointment if you don’t get the wrist band. You will see fans running through the line trying to get a second chance. Also, you can go to the Texans Ambassador tent, there is hardly anyone there, and this is an easy way to get your autographs started the right way. Stay prepared for anything, don’t believe me? My son waited around after practice and got an autograph from a 5th round rookie that nobody wanted while they were chasing other players for the signatures, who was it? T.J. Yates. 


Right Spot for You- When you get to practice, there will be plenty of spots for fans to stand and sit. Everyone will run for the stands and listen to the worst music playlist in history. Hopefully, the Texans’ staff will not have a tent in the middle of the stands dividing the two sections of the field. It cut off views but you really can’t do anything about it. One word of advice, get there early and try not to move from your seat because people will be quick to grab your lost spot. It will be a fun time, just position yourself in a spot where you can see. My suggestion would be in the area of the North end zone.


Bring Your Camera- Like autographs, you never know what you will see. Take some pictures of your favorite Texans players and go print them for cheap.  You will then have a nice collection to hang in your man cave (or woman cave).


Carnival or Football?- Behind the field there will be multiple booths where you can win free koozies, shirts, game tickets, and whatever else they bring in. You can spend the majority of your time doing this and actually miss what you came for, actual football. It depends what you are going for at camp and there are plenty of things to do with the kids, just be prepared to make a choice.


It’s Only Camp- Temper your expectations for the team.  This is a glorified practice and you will see nothing ground breaking. The majority of the good stuff happens away from eyes of everyone in meetings, and as the preseason moves on. If there is any more secretive person when it comes to an NFL team, look no further than Head Coach Gary Kubiak. Take this as nothing more than a face value, have fun seeing the Texans on the field, and realize that football season is here!


Do you have any suggestions for training camp?


You can see Part One of our training camp Primer here and don’t forget Part Two. 


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