March 21, 2018

The Ultimate Texas Team

With all the talent that comes out of Texas and goes on to become professional football players for various teams I began to think about the two professional teams we have now. I wondered if I could create an “Ultimate Texas Team” consisted of nothing but professional football players that are currently playing who would I pick? Well, seeing how we only have two professional teams in Texas in the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys how would I build it and who would I pick?

To start I must clear my head of my Texans bias just long enough to build this team in order for me to clearly pick the best players for this team. If you know like I know the Texans would dominate this team’s lineup just based on my bias. With that being said I would start with the offensive side of the ball and this is how my team would unfold.

Offense: Texans scheme

QB – Tony Romo: I know that most of you my Texans fans would want to run me out of town, but my reason for picking Romo is because he’s more athletic, has a stronger arm, and with him in our offense he could maximize Andre’s ability to catch the deep ball and catch more touchdowns.

RB – Arian Foster: No brainer, no one else on either roster is better than what Foster gives you as a playmaker out of the backfield.

WR 1 – Andre Johnson: Best wide receiver in Texans (when healthy)

WR 2 – Dez Bryant: I know he’s a knucklehead, but he can catch the ball and make plays. Could have placed Miles Austin here, but Austin doesn’t have the upside that Bryant has.

TE – Jason Witten: Here I could have placed Owen Daniels because he has better hands and is more athletic, but when it comes to blocking and the scheme in which the Texans run Witten is better suited for this spot.

Offensive Line – Texans: Hands down the Texans have a better offensive line and even with the right side being in flux. They are more consistent that what Dallas’ offensive line has to offer.


Picking the defensive lineups will be fairly easy seeing how both teams run a 3-4 scheme even though their schemes are slightly different both teams players are capable of being plug and play type players.


Defense: Texans scheme

NT – Jay Ratliff: Better and more proven NT that what the Texans have to offer at this point.

LDE – JJ Watt: I can’t recall anyone on the Cowboys defensive line that is more disruptive than this guy he is a future pro bowler and all pro.

RDE – Antonio Smith: I think having a guy like Smith is essential to have on any team. His non stop motor and his quickness give so many interior lineman problems. He isn’t the biggest guy but he brings it every snap.

ILB 1 – Sean Lee: Lee has the ability to cover TEs and some WRs in certain situations. He is fluid and can pass cover effortlessly as seen by his interceptions on the year.

ILB 2 – Brian Cushing: Mr Universe can do it all can pass cover in a pinch, dominant as a run stuffer, active, aggressive and can rush the passer. Need I say more?

OLB 1 – Demarcus Ware: Perhaps the best rushing OLB in the game today. Has the power and speed combination that very few have.

OLB 2 – Connor Barwin: Barwin is an up and coming pass rusher. He has great explosion off the ball and has good hand play and a non stop motor that allows him to get most of his sacks on second effort.

CB 1 – Johnathan Joseph: JJ is like a pit bull. He fears no one in front of him and goes after all of them. He’s got great feet, hips, speed, and ball skills. JJ talks trash, an emotional leader who motivates his team by sticking with opposing teams top WR and shuts them down.  

CB 2 – Brandon Carr: Carr is able to be used in any scheme. He plays off-man, press man, and can play in the slot if needed. He is a great CB with shut down capability.

SS – Glover Quin: GQ is a soon to be Pro Bowl safety. He is under the radar because of all the talent that the Texans have accumulated, but his contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed. He made the transition from CB to S seamlessly and is a punishing tackler in the hole. Good speed for the deep ball and can handle the bigger TEs due to his strength and ball skills.

FS – Danieal Manning: Is a true centerfielder, that can play deep and up close to the line. Manning has shown that he can rush the passer with zone blitzes. He has a great nose for the ball and is the first true FS that the Texans have had in team history.


This is my Ultimate Texas Team solid from front to back and on both sides of the ball. Who would you pick and what changes would you have made?

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