March 19, 2018

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Vikings Edition

The Minnesota Vikings came to Reliant Stadium to play the Houston Texans in the final preseason game for the two ball clubs. The Texans and Vikings started their second team offenses and defenses for this game. Both Teams moved the ball with rather significant ease, and the game turned out to be a shootout. At the end of regulation if you were to look at the stats alone it would be hard to see how the Texans managed to win. The Texans were out performed stats wise, but put together an effort that allowed them to pull out yet another win. Here is the game breakdown.


Final Score: Texans 28 Vikings 24


Texans Preseason Record: 3-1


Texans Game Summary                                                 Vikings Game Summary

Total Yards: 352                                                             Total Yards: 562

Passing Yards: 184                                                        Passing Yards: 317

Rushing Yards: 168                                                       Rushing Yards: 245

TOP: 23:42                                                                    TOP: 36:18





Trindon Holliday came into this final preseason knowing that he had to make plays, be consistent and not turn the ball over. Holliday did not disappoint by catching a punt and taking it 89 yards for a touchdown, and this solidified his roster spot and Kubiak felt he no longer needed to see him so he pulled him to rest him up for the regular season.  Finally, after three preseason games we finally saw the potential of the Texans 3rd draft pick in DeVier Posey. Posey caught a slant broke a couple of tackles and turned on the burners to out run defenders for his first touchdown. It was an amazing play by John Beck and Posey to turn a normal completion into a long catch and run. In Posey’s first catch he eclipse what Lestar Jean and Keyshawn Martin did in the three previous preseason games.



The Texans had no answer for the Vikings rushing attack. The second team and third team defenses showed no ability to stop the Vikings from advancing the ball by rushing or passing. Evidence of this is seen in the game stats. The Texans defense didn’t show any gap integrity nor did they use proper technique to stop anything the Vikings did. Overall, the effort that was given was what you expected from mostly bubble players and guys headed to the practice squad. The final result didn’t dictate the dominance the Vikings offense showed over the Texans defense.



The worst part of the final preseason game outside of the games stats was the fact that at the end of the day you have to waive 22 players. As for Gary Kubiak to have to sit down with his staff and ask them their thoughts on who they feel can best help the Texans organization going forward is hard. Now Kubiak has to call in players who never thought they had a chance to tell them thanks but no thanks. The hardest part for coaches is to look them in the eye and tell them you weren’t good enough to make our squad and to have to send them on their next journey to make it somewhere else. Now that the roster has been trimmed to 53 the Texans can call back 8 players to be a part of a practice squad which can be seen here. The Texans lost tackle Rashad Butler to yet another season ending injury. Details can be seen here.

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