April 18, 2014

Is Antonio Smith the Victim?


There are many stories that come out about the play on the field and the type of play that “sometimes” occurs between the white lines. After the Houston Texans 30-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins rumors came out about an incident involving Texans defensive lineman Antonio Smith and Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito.

Smith talked about Incognito’s play on the field and one play in particular when he tried to injure Smith’s left ankle. Smith described Incognito’s play as “Tomfoolery”, but we will let you decide for yourself.


What do you think? Does Incognito have some bad intentions?

Incognito is #68

Video quality is not the best.

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  • pieratking

    No doubt about it Incognito was wrenching his ankle there…

  • jnorine

    No doubt. That sh*t is uncalled for.

  • DRoque

    I definitely believe that he was trying to injure Smith, but this footage should be submitted on behalf of the Texans to the league offices.

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