March 21, 2018

Clip Breakdown: Week 1

When doing our breakdown of the Houston Texans’ game versus the Miami Dolphins, there were a few things that we saw that caught our eyes.  We wanted to share what we saw, and trust us we could have shown screenshots all day.

We hope to continue this series week to week but we decided to start small for our first installment.


We focused on two particular plays that seem to keep popping into our mind. Here are the two.



Play #1: Where is he going?

This is the play that really made us wonder what Bradie James is reading. The Dolphins are backed up deep in their territory and James is circled in red, and his keys are the triangle that the left tackle, tightend and fullback make (Fullback is circled in blue). The three Dolphins that James is looking at will either show run or pass read and he will react accordingly.




Here is a All-22 view that gives a better view, as you can see James is head up over the fullback. James has to stay conscious of what the “other” players, mainly the offensive tackle (Long) and tight end (Fasano), show in this situation. Their blocks will let James and other Texans know where the ball is going.



What you are seeing is football 101, and now look at the play develop. James is chasing Lane across the formation, but look at his keys. Long is blocking down on J.J. Watt and Fasano is blocking Reed out, and they are making a natural lane for Bush to run the football. All gaps are accounted for, you can see Cushing waiting in his backside gap, so that leaves James one on one with Bush in the hole, but he chases Lane instead. Manning may be there, but he is being blocked by Bess inside the box. If James reads his keys there will be no one to block him for the play. Bush only gains 7 yards, but it could have been a big loss if James would have trusted his reads.




Same thought process as above, just a better view of where James ends up chasing Lane who is blocking Barwin on the backside of the formation. James takes himself out of the play with his poor read.This has been a small portion of James’ issues, but it a glaring example of what he needs to correct to help out the Texans defense.






Play #2: Wait, I thought the Offensive Line Struggled.


The Texans are in a single back set with Johnson split to right and Walter off the line to the left. Graham and Daniels shifted to the left to where they are now, and Tate is the lone back. It is 1st and 10 and the Texans have the Dolphins where they want them.



It is an inside zone play to the right and it is 7 on 7 inside the box for the Texans. At the snap you can see the cut back developing. Look to the left of Wade Smith (#74) and you can see the cutback lane. Graham (#88) and Brown (#76) seal off the backside with a double team, and Brown’s job is to get to the second level to get to the linebacker.



Here is where it makes the offensive line look bad. The red line is where Tate ends up running the football, but look at the yellow line which indicates the cutback lane. The path that Tate looks good, but with Brown and Smith blocking their men to the play side, they are pushing them into Tate’s decision to run the football. Graham and Daniels are working hard backside to cut off back side flow.



This is the clip that make it all make sense now.  Look at the decision Tate made, and the hole that looked good at the beginning is no longer there. Look at the cut back lane and when Tate notices it, it’s too late. The safety is responsible for the cutback lane and he is almost 12 yards deep before he shows up.
The offensive line had some good moments on Sunday, but this shows they understand the system. It is going to take work, but it is there. Foster also gave up on some plays just like Tate, but this is fact that the offensive line knows the system and it is just a matter of time getting the feel for each other on the field.



I hope you enjoyed this little film breakdown and you learned something like we did.

7 Responses to “Clip Breakdown: Week 1”
  1. DRoque says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing reading this. Would like to see this as a staple blog on SOTT.

  2. pieratking says:

    Getting this view is soo mcuh better than me trying to decpher on from the TV broadcast.

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