March 21, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 2

In our second installment of our All-22 breakdown, we look at two players in particular, Andre Johnson and J.J. Watt.

We decided to look at Johnson and exactly what the Jacksonville Jaguars did to him in coverage. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, Johnson’s presence on the field changed a few things on the field for the Texans. Also while watching film we uncovered a new skill that Watt is being asked to do and not to be out done Earl Mitchell was asked to do it one time also. See what it is below.


Andre Was a Factor on Sunday


This was a single man route that the Texans run with much success. The question here is who is NOT covering Johnson on his route. Luckily Walter who is on the ground gets back up for a 6 yard catch and a first down.

Here is Johnson be press covered by Aaron Ross with a safety on top of the coverage at 15 yards deep. Johnson has already taken two Jaguars out of the play with just lining up wide.

Another odd situation. The Texans are on the goalline and the Jaguars are still there to stop Johnson. Press coverage once again and safety help right behind Ross. The Jaguars have three players out of the box covering Johnson and Kevin Walter. Foster scored a 1 yard touchdown.

This play is actually a screen pass to Ben Tate. Johnson started on the left side of the formation and ran a deep drag across the field. He demanded so much attention, linebacker turned their back to the play to find Johnson. Three Jags are in his area, leaving the screen side open for Tate.


Watt on Lockdown

3rd and 15 for the Jaguars at their own 20 yard line, the Texans are in their nickel package

Watt is lined up at the 3 technique pre snap.

On the snap instead of rushing, Watt takes a step towards the line of scrimmage to make it look like a pass rush. His new job is to cover Maurice Jones-Drew in a route.

Gabbert was successful in Week 1 checking down to his backs and letting them make plays. Gabbert pre-snap knows he wants to go to Jones-Drew, but Watt is there.


Watt has Jones-Drew one on one in coverage. Glover Quin (#29) is spying Gabbert just in case he scrambles.

Despite the other 4 receivers on routes, Gabbert has his mind made up that Jones Drew in his target.

Watt is showing a new part of his game, the coverage part.



Watt takes away the choice from Gabbert and no one else is open. Gabbert scrambles for 5 yards and leads to a punt.


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  1. DRoque says:

    Always enjoy the film breakdowns. You can’t see this at the games or on TV all the time because you are caught up in the game or TV angles don’t show it. Great stuff.

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