March 17, 2018

Broncos Sunday Primer: 3 Things To Watch

There is something about a good NFL match up, and now with the 2-0 Houston Texans looking for their first ever 3-0 start in franchise history, only the Denver Broncos stand in the way. Add an old nemesis named Peyton Manning to the equation, the stakes are a little higher for the Texans to get to some uncharted territory.

The Texans are 1-2 all time against the Denver Broncos, but with their toughest test to date, it will be a good early season test.


Quick Hitters

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Informative Tweets



Three Things To Watch


1. The Texans are going to have to play a great all around game out of their nickel and dime packages in run and pass defense. They will be in those defensive packages majority of the game facing the new look offense led by Peyton Manning who will be running a spread offense majority of the time. Defensively, the weight will fall on the inside linebackers Brian Cushing and Bradie James in run defense and in pass coverage, and will need help from the pass rush to turn the heat up on Manning when he drops back to pass. This is a good test to see how what the Texans can be defensively.

2. If the Texans can control Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil things will be looking up for the Texans. The best way to attack the Broncos pass rushers will be running right at them and making them play physical, and making them play disciplined defense. They will have their chance to rush the passer, but look for Gary Kubiak to keep Matt Schaub inside the pocket because keeping him upright will be a big plus for the offense.

3. Games like these is where the top named players need to show why they are the best in the league. Players like Arian Foster, Duane Brown, Andre Johnson, J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing and Johnathan Joseph need to show why they are top players in their position group in the NFL. Situations like these is where teams grow and form their identity for the season, and having a stage like this could be no better for this hungry Texans team.



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