March 21, 2018

Replacement Refs: Coming To A Texans’ Game Near You

Fail Mary?  The Inaccurate Reception?  A Game Winning Touchception?


Those are some of the descriptions used after the Hail Mary pass that allegedly won the game for the Seattle Seahawks Monday night….and a great idea for a Snickers ‘Wanna Get Away’ commercial.

Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach was so upset with the call that he tweeted out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s office phone number.

Erpenbach said in a separate tweet that if Monday night’s ending did not spark an end to the lockout of the regular officials, “this season will be a joke.”

Needless to say, so far this year the replacement referees have come under fire for some erroneous calls.  And the argument made by owners (see Jerry Jones), the NFL and other enablers that the regular referees also make bad calls isn’t justified.  True maybe, but with much spinning.  But in no way justified.  Having the replacement referees, who are high school and minor college referees, manage professional games is like asking a first year medical student to perform heart surgery on Dick Chaney.

You’re asking “non-professionals” to manage “professionals” and what’s worse is that the replacement referees are accustomed to different rules than what is written in the NFL.  Here lies the problem.  How do you referee a game when you don’t know the rules?  Just because they wear the uniform doesn’t make them NFL referees – might as well get Foot Locker employees.

As anyone can clearly see, they are unsure about themselves, they lose control of the games, and they miss so many calls or make the wrong ones – all of which interrupts and disrupts the flow and integrity of the game.

Texans’ fans, it is coming to a game near you, so get ready.  It almost happened in the Denver game when the officials blew the pass interference call on Kareem Jackson, which led to a Bronco’s touchdown and near comeback.

With the division rival Tennessee Titans, NY Jets, Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens all coming up before the bye week, there is a high probability of a close game or games – and the closer the game, the more chances of a bad call (or missed call) changing the outcome.

The players have to take control, be nearly perfect each week, so the replacement referees don’t change the outcome.  The fact remains both teams must deal with it – it’s the same for everybody.


What are your thoughts on the replacement referees?






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