March 20, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 3

In this weeks All-22 breakdown we take a look at the Houston Texans’ game against the Denver Broncos from week 3. We focused on Keshawn Martin’s big play ability and the rejuvenation of Kevin Walter in the passing game.

Martin showed his big play ability with a reverse that Coach Kubiak called that was very close to being his first career touchdown. As for Walter we look at what he did on a great designed play to make his once again a legitimate deep threat in the Texans offense.


Take a look and enjoy.

How Close was Keshawn Martin to Taking it to the House?

Circled is Keshawn Martin (#82) and it is 1st and 10 on their own 16 yard line.












Here you can see where both Ben Tate and Owen Daniels will go. Tate will do a run fake to the right while Daniels will “appear” to go for the defensive end. This is a normal run action for the Texans zone scheme.













At the snap Daniels (Yellow) is heading to the outside and Tate is pulling off the run fake. Martin take his step and is off to the races.

With the zone scheme being successful, the three backside run defenders for the Broncos are playing run. They lose discipline, the last player on the line of scrimmage is Von Miller. Miller has already lost outside contain by turning his numbers to chase Tate down from the backside.













Before the backside run defenders realize what hit them, all three are already in chase mode behind Martin (Yellow) who has the football. Notice Daniels (#81) and Smith (#74) out in front of Martin.













How good is this play? Look from this angle as Martin is by himself with 3 on 3 on the outside with Daniels and Smith in front with Andre Johnson keeping Champ Bailey occupied.













Daniels picks up his block, the defender runs under Smith which redirects him in his angle to Martin. Nothing but green in front of Martin.












The last obstacle is Johnson blocking Bailey which is circled in red. If Johnson can hold his block this run will end in the endzone.












Johnson is turned around by Bailey in front of Martin on the run. Martin ends up running into Johnson and falls to the ground. The one block that needs to be made is not, and that is how close Martin was to making this a big play for the Texans to only a 21 yard gain.














Walter Shows He Can Still Make Plays

2nd and 10, from the Texans’ 48 yard line. Kevin Walter is lined up against Tracy Porter (#22) and the deep safety Rahim Moore (#26) is the deep player with the red x.













On the snap Walter, Owen Daniels and Andre Johnson are all on pass routes. The most impressive thing is all three players being on the same level in their routes. The Broncos are playing man free with Moore playing the deep middle.













The Texans send two routes, Daniels and Walter, at Moore and he will give Matt Schaub his read. Moore, circled, chooses Daniels and leaves Walter one on one with Porter over the top.













As you can see, Moore (circled) disregards Walter to his left and has his eyes on Daniels the entire time. Daniels has been the bigger threat to this point, so Moore takes his shot and jumping Daniels route.













This is where Walter takes over. Walter creates separation on the top of the route by giving Porter a slight nudge. He knows he can’t out run Porter, but the veteran pulls a veteran move on him to get open.













Want to know what Walter does to create space? Here is was the veteran does.









With that move Walter creates at least a 3 yard cushion for Schaub to operate and let Walter run under the football.












This makes an easy target for Schaub and Walter has enough separation, strength and speed to finish the play.












With a nice play design to make Rahim Moore choose Schaub’s read for him and some technician work by Walter to show he can go deep when needed. It has opened the door for other teams to stay honest in pass coverage with plays like this.














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