March 18, 2018

Buy or Sell: Texans 6 Pack

The Houston Texans are 4-0 and proving here in the early part of the 2012 season that they are serious contenders in the AFC. At the quarter mark of the season, we want to look at which Texans’ players we would buy, sell and hold on to heading to the halfway point of the season.

It is really hard to pinpoint where the issues lie for the Texans, but we give you who we feel are the ones to watch moving forward.



Glover Quin (16 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 2 pass deflections)

Glover Quin has been pretty impressive and what he means to the Texans defense is important to know. He is able to play safety (free or strong), linebacker or slot corner when needed, but he has been an exceptional tackler inside the box. With being in Houston in the “lean” years, the best thing for Quin was the move from corner to safety when Wade Phillips came to town. He has a good skill set that lets him be able to be a hybrid player for the Texans and gives Phillips’ the flexibility to put more speed on the field with what he is able to do.


Keshawn Martin, Wide Receiver #82, Pregame against the Titans.

Keshawn Martin (4 receptions, 39 yards; 1 rush attempt, 21 yards)

Martin’s snaps have been going up week to week and he is the third wide receiver in three wide receiver sets. He is also getting time on the field in two wide receiver sets and really getting in tune with the offense. Matt Schaub needs to grow more comfortable with him, and to this point Martin has only been targeted 10 times by Schaub through four games. Martin has the ability to stretch defenses with his speed and quickness and if you watch him run his routes you can see the pressure he puts on defenses. Martin is developing slowly into a type of wide receiver the Texans have not had before in Houston.



Trindon Holliday

Please refer to my tweet.


The biggest issue is the decisions that Holliday is making while the ball is in the air, and his poor decisions are close to putting the Texans in bad positions. From not yelling at his teammates to get away from the football when it bounces, to not fielding a punt when he should to save field position, Holliday has struggled to make an impact and it is time to pull the plug especially with the injury to Quintin Demps. (A roster spot may be needed for Demps injury.)


Antoine Caldwell

If there was anyone pulling for Caldwell to prove he belonged as a starter for the Texans, it was us. Once again his health has caught up to him and the ankles that gave him issues last season have reared their ugly head again. Caldwell was playing at a decent enough level, but the emergence of rookie Ben Jones the past few weeks has earned him playing time. The rotation was set and if Jones can stay healthy it might start the premature departure of Caldwell from Houston. Injuries have marred his time here and this one is a tough one for him to come back from, the ankle issues will hamper him for the remainder of the season.



Connor Barwin (6 total tackles, o sacks)

Plenty of critics are wondering what has happened to Barwin this early part of the season. He has gotten little pressure on the quarterback and not made many plays on the field. Head Coach Gary Kubiak attributes it to just the luck of the draw and teams just running away from Barwin. There was plenty of expectations surrounding Barwin when he came into the season after a breakout season in 2011 (47 total tackles, 11.5 sacks), and that success has not carried over to the early part of this season. We are not ready to throw him to the wolves but eager to see if he can find his groove this season.


Brice McCain (9 total tackles)

If there has been any bigger disappointment on defense it has to be McCain, who looks no where near the level he was playing in 2011. McCain has been victimized the past two weeks against the Broncos and Titans where he was targeted a total of 11 times and 7 passes were completed against him with two of those catches going for touchdowns. His tackling has not been very good and he just seems to be in a funk.  If there is anyone who can get him right, it is defensive back coach Vance Joseph. Another player with high expectations heading into the season has gotten off to a slow start, but there is plenty of season left for McCain to right the ship.


Who are your Buy and Sell players for the Texans?


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  1. DRoque says:

    Buying: Lestar Jean, Glover Quin, Garrett Graham. Selling: Antoine Caldwell Holding: Trindon Holliday, Brice McCain, Keyshawn Martin

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