March 19, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 4

In this week’s installment, we look at two particular plays from the Houston Texans’ week four win over the Tennessee Titans. We look at Owen Daniels’ 22 yard touchdown catch and Glover Quin’s sack of Jake Locker. On both, we show the masterminds behind each play, Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips. 

The one thing I have taken away from these two plays is how game planning put the Titans into some bad situations with some timely play calling. Take a look.



Glover Quin Is the Benefactor in Team Defense at its Finest

3rd and 15 from the Tennessee 12. The Texans defense is in their dime package. You can see the Texans start out in a Cover 2 Man look with Kareem Jackson,Glover Quin,Brice McCain and Johnathan Joseph in man coverage. We highlighted the two players who make this play happen. Glover Quin (Red) and Connor Barwin (Yellow).


Pre-Snap the front looks nothing spectacular, with 4 down lineman and Brian Cushing looking like he is responsible for Ringer. It has the feel of a four man rush with Cushing in coverage. Quin will come off the corner and the defensive call is made at the right time. Quin has a short blitz run while lined up over Jared Cook and Ringer is on the opposite side of the blitz. Ringer would pick up the blitz if he was on the other side of Jake Locker. You can see Danieal Manning over the top of Quin who is responsible for Cook.


At the snap, Quin is coming off the right side of the offense, Barwin takes a hard step to rush the passer, but he has pass responsibility on the Titans” Javon Ringer out of the backfield. The Titans started off feeling good with a 4 on 5 situation with Brian Cushing covering Ringer. Now Cushing becomes the 5th pass rusher including Reed, Smith and Watt.


This is the All-22 view. Manning (Blue circle) is now man up on Cook, while Barwin (Yellow circle) is now covering Ringer in the flats. The Texans corners have the rest of the Titans receivers covered. Quintin Demps is playing free over the top helping Jackson just in case. Locker wants to go to Kendall Wright on the slant, but Jackson has him well covered.


Locker’s eyes are pinned on Wright coming on the slant. Michael Roos (Blue X) thinks Barwin is rushing, but dives at nobody for a block. Barwin peels off toward Ringer. Quin has the free lane to locker. Reed does a great job of making a shorter run by collapsing the right side of the line for Quin so David Stewart can’t see him  coming.


You can see Wright show up late with Jackson all over him, Roos on the ground blocking no one, Reed collapsing the right side of the line, Barwin in coverage and Manning jumping Cook on his route and Quin with the knockout quarterback hit. A team play at it’s finest.



Owen Daniels Wins the One on One Situation

*Note: We want to show you how good Gary Kubiak is at creating passing plays to attack space created with other routes. He puts his offensive weapons in great positions to succeed. 


3rd and 10 on the Tennessee 28 yard line. The Texans offense is in trips to the right with Owen Daniels at tight end. Andre Johnson is lined up wide with Kevin Walter in the slot to the right. The Titans defense is showing they are in a man look with two safeties over the top. (Cover 2 Man)


Pre-Snap Daniels steps off the line while Johnson steps on the line. Daniels will go in motion to the left and this will help Matt Schaub determine the coverage the Titans are in.


Daniels motions across and creates a three receiver set to the left with Keshawn Martin and Arian Foster with him on the left. The Titans roll to a man look with a “Robber” safety heading to the middle of the field. There is also a safety over the top in the middle of the field.


This is a better look at what Schaub is seeing. The two safeties will follow to their respective spots, Michael Griffin (#33) the first safety will be the robber underneath while Jordan Babineaux (#26) will play the deep safety. Two linebackers will be man up on Daniels and Foster, which are both advantages for the Texans in the passing game.


As the play develops Martin runs the 9 route to the endzone and the Titans have their safeties covering nothing but grass. Griffin (Blue circle) is helping with anything to the middle and can already see Foster coming. Babineaux (Red circle) is kept honest with Martin’s deep route.


This is where the Texans offense scheme takes over. The Texans attack the “Void” opened up by Martin with Daniels. Daniels is in a one on one situation that he can win. Look at the space Daniels has to work in to win this match up.


Daniels natural ability to create space with his route running is there. He creates space to give Schaub a good space to throw the football.


The defender tries a last ditch effort to bring down Daniels. The “Void” created by Martin gives Daniels plenty of room to operate. Babineaux is 10 yards away from the play, and the cornerback covering Martin has zero clue the ball has been caught. His long run is created by Martin’s deep route, and great designed play.


After making the first Titan miss, he shows too much strength and just enough moves to get past Babineaux. Martin is already blocking down field helping Daniels out.


Here you can see the endzone view and the room after the missed tackle. Martin has his block under control.


After diving over the last defender, the Texans ice the game on a 22 yard touchdown catch from Owen Daniels.


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