March 22, 2018

Battle Red Freaks on the Road to Monday Night

We decided to help out our good friends the “Battle Red Freaks” on their expedition to East Rutherford, New Jersey to see the Houston Texans take on the Jets at Met Life Stadium. Chuck “Commander Freak” Thompson, Randy “Freaky E” Eckhart and Russell “Freak 99” Eckhart are going to keep us updated here on State of the Texans with photos from their trip.

You can leave them messages in the comment section and we will update as they head to New Jersey.



The Freaks leaving Houston. Destination East Rutherford, New Jersey.












“Commander Freak”, “Freaky E” and “Freak 99” in Arkansas.























The Freaks invade LP field! Stickers were left in some choice spots!


















Broadway Street in Nashville got the best of them on day two of the trip.











Kentucky better watch out!























Wait the Freaks like baseball too? Looking for some lumber at the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory.













The Freaks at Paul Brown Stadium, even made a new friend with a Bengals fan. Headed to Canton next.




Freaks at the Pro Football Hall of Fame


Deion Sanders Hall of Fame Bust.
















In Pennsylvania.



Wait the Freaks do Photos like this?















They have arrived. (MetLife in the Background)
















Taking the Subway.
















Un Masked on Time Square.















The Predator is going for the Texans too.



Jeff McShan of KHOU.
















In the background of Good Morning America
















Check back for more updates.



2 Responses to “Battle Red Freaks on the Road to Monday Night”
  1. jnorine says:

    Is there a big Texans fan presence in NY?

  2. pieratking says:

    Hey Freaks,

    Go to the Statue of Liberty, and Empire State building… have fun be safe!

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