March 24, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Jets Edition

The Houston Texans came into MetLife Stadium with their minds set on becoming 5-0, but they didn’t expect the Jets to put up a legitimate fight. The Texans first offensive possession was run to perfection; it led to a wide open Owen Daniels touchdown. The game was far more competitive than what was expected by all accounts, but the Texans showed their mettle and rode the defense to a win.


FINAL SCORE: Texans 23 Jets 17


Texans Regular Season Record: 5-0

Texans Divisional Record: 2-0

Texans AFC Conference Record: 5-0

Texans VS NFC Conference Record: 0-0


Game Summary

Texans Total Yards: 378

Jets Total Yards: 286


Texans Passing Yards: 209

Jets Passing Yards: 217


Texans Rushing Yards: 169

Jets Rushing Yards: 69


Texans T.O.P: 35:16

Jets T.O.P: 24:44


Game Stats


Texans DE J.J. Watt was excellent. He showed up and showed out on Monday Night Football. Watt made the first defensive play of the game and he made the last play of the game. Watt was a beast in every essence of the word. The defense had a great game overall as they kept pressure on Mark Sanchez all game and kept Tim Tebow from getting hot. When the Jets thought they had a rushing attack going, the Texans shut the door on it quickly and kept them from getting any momentum. Great effort from the defense, but there is still some work that can be done as they didn’t have their best game.



The offense was red hot on their first offensive possession, but afterwards they looked very lack luster. Arian Foster had a great game as he carried the offense, but outside of his playmaking ability no one else really left their mark on the game. Andre Johnson had another bad game as he was blanketed by Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and caught one pass for fifteen yards. As much as I hate to believe it, Johnson may be losing his playmaking ability as he has dropped as many passes as he has caught over the last 5 games. I hope that this is due to the Texans trying to keep him healthy to make it through the season.



Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph had quite possibly the worse game of his career as a Houston Texan. He gave up catch after catch to wide receiver Jeremy Kerley.  Joseph was beat repeatedly by Kerley and other Jets receivers at times. He was just flat tonight and it makes me wonder if he was having problems with a groin injury. If it had not been for some of the opportunities the defense created at crucial times, the Texans could have easily lost this game as they needed the defense to bail them out again. The Texans offense can’t continue to have success if they come out flat and force the defense to bail them out.

*Injury Notes: Brian Cushing left the game after being cut blocked from behind by a Jets lineman in a way that would make any Texans fan livid. Slauson, the Jets offensive lineman, went low on Cushing’s knee when his back was turned and Cushing was in pursuit of the ball carrier. It didn’t look good, but I hope that it’s not season ending.


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