March 19, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 5

In this session of our All-22 breakdown on State of the Texans, we look at three particular plays that really caught our attention. We focus on Matt Schaub‘s poor decision on his interception, the offensive line and others making life easy for Arian Foster, and the two unsung heroes of the game.


Let’s take a look.



Schaub Chooses Poorly

Texans are in shotgun with Andre Johnson circled in red and Antonio Cromartie in yellow. Johnson goes in motion (which he seldom does). Kevin Walter is in the slot while Keshawn Martin is split out wide to the bottom.














Coverage is shown, Cromartie is man up on Johnson. The Jets safeties are playing deep halves, while they are man up underneath.














The two primary choices in the route are Walter (Blue) and Johnson (Red). The play will develop, but from the snap Schaub has already determined his target.














Yermiah Bell (Yellow) is who Schaub is looking at. He has a long run to get to Walter, but the window to throw it to Walter happens to fast Schaub misses it because he is locked in on Johnson. Cromartie has great coverage and is already underneath the route with help from Laron Landry over the top.















The window for the passing windows are circled and Walter has a better shot and making the catch than Johnson.














Here is the endzone view. Walter is running the route off of Daniels route.













Walter’s route happens so quick he is open immediately after he clears Daniels.













Walter is open while Johnson is not. Walter should have been the choice by Schaub.













The Ball is in the air, you can see Cromartie has had position from the snap.













Here is the overhead view, bad choice and not trusting his reads.













Easy interception for Cromartie.
















8 is the Lucky Number


Texans are 1st and 10 at the New York Jets 13 yard line.













Duane Brown and Wade Smith are circled and will be working together on the outside.













Owen Daniels, Antoine Caldwell and Ryan Harris are the three circled here, and they all make key blocks. Caldwell and Harris cut off back side pursuit and Daniels sets the edge from his tight end position.














On the snap it looks like the normal outside zone play, but Daniels (far left) is blocking down on the defensive end to set the edge.














Both Brown and Smith are pulling around Daniels, while Myers (Yellow) rips through the nose tackle to get to the second level. The key block is made by Caldwell who cuts the nose from backside pursuit.














Watch the play develop. Caldwell and Harris both cut off back side pursuit.













The three red x’s show big blocks to open up the huge lane for Arian Foster. All five offensive lineman and Daniels execute their blocks to perfection.














You can see the overhead view, the lane is set. Kevin Walter is running his man off, while James Casey (slot) is headed to the safety to block him.














Foster bounces to the outside, and get a great block from Casey. (Yellow Circle)













Casey’s block creates more space.













Kevin Walter is blocking his man in the end zone. Which makes it 8 perfect blocks on the play.














The play ends in Namaste.















The Play of the Game (At least we think it is.)

Situation: Joe McKnight just went 100 yards for a touchdown and pulled the Jets within 6 points.














The Jets have six players to the right side and the Texans have Shiloh Keo and Garrett Graham as the bottom two on the picture.














At the kick Nick Folk pulls of the onsides kick and it turns into Keo and Graham against 6 Jets. Keo and Graham see it right away and attack the football. The top four Texans are running back to set up the kickoff return. They notice and try to redirect but they are so far away from the play they will not get there.















It is close, and it looks like the ball travels exactly 10 yards, but Graham hit the airborne Jet to knock the ball loose.













The ball is knocked loose, and on the ground and Keo sees it.












Keo sees the football and jumps on it and sets the Texans up for a short field and a field goal. Most importantly it shut down the momentum for the Jets.














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  1. distant_texans_fan says:

    Point of Order. I’m going to send you an edited picture of one other thing Schaub was looking at during his interception. The first down marker. It was third down, passing to Walter would have left us 4-5 yards short.

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