March 19, 2018

Luv Ya Steel Blue: Cush Lash

In this downer of a 5-0 Luv Ya Steel Blue podcast the guys, Mike, Aaron and Pat, talk about life without Brian Cushing and the head scratching win over the New York Jets.

More importantly Pat goes on the defense, when “blasphemy” is talked about Gary Kubiak and the things he doesn’t do right. The tension is high, but when you lose one of your best players it is easy to see why.

Thanks for listening to the newest episode of LYSB, and visit us on iTunes.


Warning: Adult Content

One Response to “Luv Ya Steel Blue: Cush Lash”
  1. distant_texans_fan says:

    Another good episode. Thanks for putting the time in. I hope Andre has a better game this week too.

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