March 21, 2018

Digging Deep: New York Jets Edition

The Texans survived the New York Jets on Monday in their first primetime game in almost two years, winning 23-17. They never trailed after scoring on the first drive, but the game was a lot closer than many expected. While they improved to 5-0 for the first time in team history, there are still some areas that the squad needs to shore up.


The number of rushing yards the Texans had on 35 carries for a 4.8-yard average. After struggling on the ground against the Titans, it was good to see the running game get back on track.

The Texans also improved against the run only allowing 69 yards on 23 carries for a 3-yard average. Again, it was good to see the run defense improve after it let Chris Johnson run wild the previous week.

The number of times Matt Schaub was sacked. The Texans sacked the Jets 3 times. The Texans’ offensive line has been spectacular so far this year in pass protection, only allowing 3 sacks the entire year.


The number of receiving yards Jets’ WR Jeremy Kerley had. He was covered by Johnathan Joseph most of the night and beat him repeatedly. The Texans need Joseph to perform better on Sunday night against the Packers’ vaunted passing attack.

The length of the Jets’ Joe McKnight’s kickoff return touchdown. This got the Jets back in the game as it put them within one score. This is the second return touchdown the Texans have allowed this year, which is a slight cause for concern.

The Texans’ red zone efficiency from Monday night. They only scored a touchdown once in their three trips inside the red zone. The two times they failed, they were in goal to go situations. To beat better teams, they need to do a better job of punching the ball in for touchdowns when they get close instead of settling for field goals.

The number of catches Andre Johnson had for only 15 yards. Andre is still one of the premier receivers in this league and he needs to be given the opportunity to make more plays. The coaches have been quoted this week as wanting to get the ball to Andre more. Arian Foster is on pace for over 400 carries this year, so it is probably a good idea to protect their five year investment in him and diversify the offense.

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