March 19, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 6

In this All-22 breakdown of the Houston Texans loss to the Green Bay Packers, there was not much to highlight for the Texans. We decided to focus on some issues the Texans had in the run game and pass protection, and how it set the Texans up for a long night.

Let’s take a look at the plays.



Confusion on the Front

2nd & 20 on their own 38.













Circled in Red is A.J. Hawk (#50) and Brad Jones (#59).













Here you can see what the Packers have in store for the Texans, a zone blitz. Hawk and Jones are double blitzing the A gap. The rush of the outside linebackers is step, but they drop to the middle.














On the snap you can see the play develop Chris Myers, James Casey and Duane Brown are in no man’s land. The Texans have enough blockers to account for all of the Packers coming on the blitz through the A gap. Myers and Casey are responsible for the A gap.














Myers is looking at Hawk and you can see Casey try and pick up Jones on the blitz. Two busts.














Hawk is on Schaub in a hurry after the play action pass fake.













Sack for a 12 yard loss.














One Block Away

Houston has the ball. 2 & 6 on their own 29.













Owen Daniels (Red) motions over to across from Clay Matthews Jr. (Yellow).













Here is the end zone shot of the formation. Matthews tightens down to the formation.













The Texans have the outside zone called to the right. Owen Daniels is responsible for cutting Matthews on the backside.














At snap the offensive line is doing their normal blocking to the right where they double the defensive lineman to get to the linebackers. Daniels is one on one with Matthews.














Matthews plays off the cut block from Daniels and closes down the cutback lane. Look at the grass behind Matthews.














End zone view of Matthews making the play by beating the block.













Look at the movement the offensive line creates, but there is only one problem, the missed block from Daniels.














Matthews makes the play, but if the block is made by Daniels, Foster is off to the races. Morgan Burnett is 12 yards deep and Foster excels in one on one situations.
















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