March 22, 2018

All-22 Breakdown: Week 7

In this All-22 Breakdown, we look at Connor Barwin‘s safety on Joe Flacco to see how a previous play in the season set up the sack, and how Gary Kubiak uses an offensive lineman to set up a big first down catch.

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Ryan Harris, the New Eligible Target

The Texans are 3rd and 1 on their own 31 yard line.













The player circled in yellow is offensive tackle Ryan Harris. He is an eligible receiver and Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham are the tight ends in this formation. Usually when Harris is brought in as the third offensive tackle, the Texans run the ball. The Ravens are committed to stopping Arian Foster.















At the snap, Matt Schaub pulls off his normal play action motion, Foster gives a good fake. Harris is selling run and replacing Graham in the formation.














Graham (on bottom) and Daniels (top) both sell run hard and engage with the linebackers. Those two set up the play action, and Harris steps to where Graham would have been.














Both Texans tight ends release the linebackers and both Ravens think it is run and attack the line of scrimmage. While doing that, both Daniels and Graham have free runs on their routes.














Schaub has all day to throw, while Daniels is all alone.













Paul Kruger (Ravens OLB) knows he is in trouble and it turns into a simple pitch and catch.














Easy first down to keep the drive alive. Using Harris as slight change up had the Ravens thinking run from the beginning. Play design set the Texans up for an easy first down situation.















Early Sack in the Season Set Up Safety of Flacco


After a big Whitney Mercilus sack to pin the Ravens deep, the Texans defense is back on the attack.














Here is the end zone view at what Flacco is seeing.














Antonio Smith (Bottom Circle) and Connor Barwin (Top Circle) are in their pre snap spots. Smith is lined up as a nose shade while Barwin is looking like he is going to play zone. The left side of the Ravens line pre snap is only worried about Bradie James. The Texans defensive alignment have the Ravens thinking majority of the rush is coming from the 3 WR side.















If you remember against the Titans, Glover Quin blitzed from the same spot to knock Jake Locker out of the game. Quin is in the same spot, and the Ravens have the thought it is coming again.














After Flacco raises his leg, Smith and Barwin shift positions. Smith shifts to the other side of the center while Barwin walks up to a stand up 5 technique. The Ravens offensive line does not have enough time to adjust their blocking scheme.














Here is the look before the snap. Ray Rice is peeking to Quin’s side because he has been coached all week to look for the blitz, especially when the back is away from the pressure. Rice pays no attention to the shift that just occurred.















At the snap, the Ravens are in trouble. The left side of the line does not slide to block Barwin. Rice is already on his way to pick up the blitz. Only problem is Quin is in coverage and it is Danieal Manning coming on the blitz. The Texans are rushing 6, the Ravens have 6 blockers.















Flacco is looking for his tight end as the hot route, but the blitz is happening so fast his receiver does not turn around quick enough. Barwin already has the free run to Flacco.














Flacco is in tunnel vision and fails to realize his protection is not there.













Watt does his normal routine and jumps to block the pass, that makes Flacco try to look somewhere else. Rice is on to Manning on the blitz, but it is too late.














He has nothing backside either, but Barwin already has Flacco for a huge safety to set the tone for the game.














Barwin finally gets to do his sack dance, but this was set up off a look from the Titans game. Wade Phillips knew how to change it up on the Ravens, and with a late shift they out schemed the Ravens offense.















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