March 20, 2018

Digging Deep: Terrell McClain

We had to find out more about recently signed Terrell McClain, defensive tackle who has spent time with the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. By many analyst, he has been named a “bust” in his 2nd season as an NFL player despite being a 3rd round draft pick from South Florida in 2011.

McClain was placed on the injured reserve his rookie season with a sprained left knee and was released this past off season where he signed with the Patriots. He was released after appearing in one game for the Patriots and came into Houston to workout after the Texans lost Tim Jamison and David Hunter in less than a week of each other.

We talked to Slate who covered the Carolina Panthers and he gave us some insight on McClain while he was in Carolina.



Slate said this of McClain:

McClain was drafted along with Sione Fua to rotate into the vacant DT position opposite Ron Edwards. When Edwards was hurt in the preseason, Fua and McClain were thrust into starting roles and were forced to perform.

If you go back and watch tape of last season, you’ll notice that Carolina let teams run up the middle on them all day long. Unfortunately, Fua was the DT that was able to perform the best, sending the coaching staff to McClain.

This previous offseason, the Panthers signed DT Dwan Edwards. Edwards had plenty of experience playing for the Ravens and the Bills. McClain’s biggest problem comes from his lack of tackling. He aims to push people over before wrapping up. He doomed himself by being a part of the horrid defensive line from last season. He is easily over-powered by most O-Linemen.

Overall, he was a risky pick when the Panthers drafted him in the 3rd round. I doubt he will make any sort of impact on the Texans defensive front.


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