March 22, 2018

Mid Season Report Card: Secondary

This is the section of our SOTT Mid Season Report card and we will run through every position group for the Houston Texans. We focus on the secondary in this post and give our thoughts on the position group.


The Secondary



Johnathan Joseph:  The biggest difference this season is that teams are not scared to throw at  him and Joseph does give up plenty receptions. For a three week period, Joseph was giving up touchdowns and deep passes which is not Joseph like, call it a groin issue but it was concerning. Being the lock down corner and spoiled from last season, Joseph has plenty of time to pick up the pace. He has shown he can lock down the team’s best wide receiver but he has gotten off to a slow start. He looks like he has gotten back on track the past two games and he will be needed to make the Texans that much better in the second half of the season.

Kareem Jackson: Don’t try to find excuses for why he is not good, and don’t use the excuse he was bad two seasons ago. Jackson has turned into a solid NFL corner and makes up one of the best duos in the NFL beside Joseph. Throw in that he is not scared to hit people, he is a rare corner who can play physical when needed. He has had some timely interceptions, but teams also have chosen not to throw his direction. He is growing into an NFL corner back and, in our opinion, the best corner consistently for the Texans the first half of the season.

Brice McCain: The surprise of the secondary in 2011 has been anything but that. He showed he can be a lock down slot corner and round out an impressive corner back group. Only issue, McCain is giving up some big receptions which he did not do last season, and has struggled in coverage. Also, his tackling has been lacking this season and at his size he needs to be a sure tackler because the majority of the time he is in man coverage. He has been beat deep and underneath and shown some signs of not being the same player. He has the skill and, in a contract year, McCain better get back to his old self.

Glover Quin: The most versatile player for the Texans in the secondary, he can play slot corner, free or strong safety and even linebacker in dime situations. He has been a tackling machine and a solid complement to Danieal Manning. Quin can have some down days in coverage but he actually plays better with his eyes towards the line of scrimmage.  His versatility is something that Wade Phillips depends on and at this moment he is part of one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

Danieal Manning: Manning looks so much more comfortable his second year in the system and he looks as healthy as ever. One thing we have noticed is how fast he plays on the field and how much energy he brings to the defense. He shows he can play inside the box and roam center field in coverage, but seeing him become a leader has been impressive too. It is hard to look at the four starters and see how far they have come as a group, and to think that Manning is only getting started is a scary thought. He told us during training camp that another year with the team and players would make this season better, he was right because it is happening.

Quintin Demps: Talk about one of the rags to riches stories for the Texans when he came to Houston in 2010 to fill in a roster spot late in the season. After being cut and brought back in 2011, Demps has made a spot for himself on the roster. The third safety in dime packages, Demps provides more speed and a sure tackler on the field. Adding him to the field gives the Texans another added dimension of speed on the field which makes him a key piece to the Texans secondary. How important is this team? Demps played with a broken thumb and forearm in casts against the Buffalo Bills. After missing close to a month, you can see the difference he makes on the field.

Troy Nolan: The only reason we gave him the grade he received was that he was sufficient in filling in for Demps when he was out with his injuries. He came in and filled in, but speed is an issue when Nolan steps on the field. Nolan is on the team just in case something comes up with Demps, but he helped the Texans in a pinch when needed.


Be on the lookout for the other report cards coming out later this week. 

You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans.


 Be on the lookout for the other report cards coming out later this week. 

You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans.

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