March 20, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Bears Edition

In what could be considered the worst playing conditions, the Houston Texans invaded Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears. The weather was horrible for playing an outdoor game, cold temperatures, swirling wind and rain. With the weather going to be a factor, NFL analyst said that this would work in the Bears’ favor. Well not so fast my friend, the Texans came out and put their stamp on the game early. The Texans came into the game with something to prove even in the worst type of situations for an outdoor game. The rushing attack for Houston was established early and, along with great defense, carried the Texans to victory.


FINAL SCORE: Texans 13 Bears 6








Texans Total Yards: 215

Bears Total Yards: 249


Texans Passing Yards: 95

Bears Passing Yards: 134 (Cutler/Campbell)


Texans Rushing Yards: 127

Bears Rushing Yards: 115


Texans TOP: 31:08

Bears TOP: 28:52





The Texans are known for their great pass rush and defensive line, but on this night I’m going to have to give the nod to the secondary. The Texans’ secondary imposed their will on the Bears all night making play after play with little pass rush. With the muddy ground taking away the explosiveness of the Texans defensive line, the secondary stepped up in a major way. Danieal Manning created the first turnover of the game when he hit the Bears TE on a pass play causing him to fumble. Tim Dobbins picked the ball up and ran it back into Texans territory. Next, Glover Quin made a hit on Bears running back Michael Bush causing him to fumble and the Texans recovered it.  Manning intercepted another pass from Cutler deep in the Bears territory to cancel any scoring threat. Lastly, Kareem Jackson showed again how much he has improved by dropping into coverage and jumping a route right in front of Bears receiver Brandon Marshall. The Texans made the Bears turn the ball over four times and didn’t allow the Bears to score a touchdown. It was an excellent display by our hometown team.



Matt Schaub committed two turnovers in the game which is reasonable considering the weather conditions. The first interception came on an in route in which Texans receiver Keshawn Martin slipped and Bears cornerback Tim Jennings read the route and picked the ball off. The second interception came on a pass where Schaub was flushed out of the pocket and forced to make a pass on the run. He was aiming at Texans receiver Andre Johnson, but on his release it got away from him and sailed over Johnson’s head into the welcoming arms of Bears cornerback Jennings. These were the only miscues of the game by the Texans and fortunately for them it didn’t come back to haunt them.



The weather had to have been the worst part of the game, very little traction on the field making it difficult to explode off the ball. Poor ground conditions also made the game virtually impossible to reverse field and cut on. Also, the rain and wind had an effect on both teams ability to go deep on passing plays. It was just a terrible situation for any team to have to play in, but the Texans proved that they can play in any environment and win.



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