March 18, 2018

Would Rolando Be Welcomed to Houston?

It’s not often we talk about other players not associated with the Houston Texans, but the name of Oakland Raiders inside linebacker Rolando McClain has come up. According to multiple sources, the former 8th overall pick (2010 NFL Draft) is set to “no longer” be a Raider.


These tweets came out about McClain and his recent comments.



No official word from the the Raiders has come out and he is still currently listed on their active roster as of Wednesday night. Reports have surfaced that he and Head Coach Dennis Allen had an argument and was dismissed from practice, and have described McClain’s absence as “team-related issue.”

It is not often a player of McClain’s caliber comes available and with his “baggage” (See Here), there is a good chance he could scare away teams from taking a chance on him. As for the Texans, with their serious issues on the inside of their defense they could possibly use the troubled linebacker. Not blessed with the best reputation, his production on the field has slipped in his 3rd season as a professional. Considered a run stopping player, McClain measures in at 6’4″ and 259 lbs.  He had his best season as a Raider in 2011 when he posted 99 total tackles, 5 sacks and 14 pass deflection while starting 14 games.

The talent is there but would the Texans take a chance on a low character guy like McClain? The chances of landing McClain are slim with the Texans being so far down on the waiver wire, but to us if the Texans had the chance to claim him it “could” be worth it. The Texans organization is not known for taking chances on low character players, but they opened the door with Bryan Braman and his issues he had in college. Braman has gotten back on track after his off the field issues and turned into a real contributor for the Texans in his two seasons in Houston.

There is enough leadership in the close knit locker room of the Texans to help any player that comes to Houston to fall in line. Despite McClain’s shortcomings and “alleged” issues, it would be hard to believe that he couldn’t succeed in the positive atmosphere in Houston. Throw in his college teammate Kareem Jackson (Alabama) and an up and coming franchise, there are plenty of positives for McClain to be successful. Teams can have one bad apple, but multiple can set up NFL franchises for some tough times. In McClain’s case, coming to a new environment and one that is winning just might be what the young player needs to get his life and career back on track.

The risk may be high but the reward could even be higher if the Texans can get their hands on him.  Think about it. If the Texans could get him to contribute in some form or fashion this late in the season, it would be a considerable upgrade with his pure football ability. Bigger than that would be the idea he could line up to a healthy Brian Cushing in 2013 and prevent the Texans from using a high draft pick on an inside linebacker in the draft. McClain could be a huge assest to the Texans, but the question lies if team owner Bob McNair and General Manager Rick Smith would be willing to take a big chance on probably the most questionable character player they would have ever faced.

The team is a long shot to claim McClain (if he is waived), but would the team take the chance on him is the bigger question.


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