March 19, 2018

Know Your Opponent with @TitansMCM, The Sequel



Week 13. The 10-1 Houston Texans go into LP Field at noon on Sunday to face the 4-7 Tennessee Titans. It’s difficult to predict how the Titans will play any week, but given the deficiencies in the Texans defense shown over the past two weeks, the Titans could bring a few surprises. Bring in‘s Jimmy Morris who addresses Texans fans concerns on new Titans OC Dowell Loggains, QB Jake Locker, inconsistent star offensive players, and makes a quick comment on Bud Adams and his typical demands. Jimmy has lots to share. Read on.


Don’t stop sending your questions in each week (there are only 5 regular season games left!) We continue finding new ways to include more of your concerns for our contributing blogger to address, so shoot your questions for week 14 (the Patriots, sheesh) and beyond to me at @TheClaireBear23 with the hashtag #KYO. Thanks for your contributions!



1. How do the Titans and their fans anticipate changing Offensive Coordinators to Dowell Loggains (from Chris Palmer) in season to help and/or hinder the team and how will that translate on field? (@the_halby, @Rottweiler2000)


It should do nothing but help the Titans offense. This team has more weapons on offense than any team in recent memory, but the offense has been stagnant. The passing game especially has been nothing short of a mess. There were also reports that there was a growing disconnect between the players and Chris Palmer.

The hope from Titans’ fans is that Dowell Loggains will simplify things a bit. Palmer loved option routes, and the receivers and the quarterback just couldn’t seem to get on the same page with those. Loggains should take that out, and will hopefully be more aggressive. SuperHorn did an excellent post on our blog about how good Jake Locker has been in the no huddle. Hopefully we will see more of that.


2. Do you expect WR Kenny Britt do be more of a focal point this week after last weeks’ limited targets? (@TXBobbumman)


It is impossible to tell with Kenny Britt. At his best he has the ability to take over a game. He hasn’t been doing that this year. It is hard to tell if that is because of the scheme or if he isn’t completely healthy. That being said, I would expect the Titans to try to get him the ball more.


3. What has been the progress of the progress of Kendall Wright at WR since week 4? (@murderboner_)


He has been making steady progress each week, but he still hasn’t been the down field threat the Titans expected him to be when they drafted him. That, again, could be a result of the scheme. He leads all rookie receivers in catches on the year, so he has been playing well, but just hasn’t been the dynamic receiver they hoped for yet.


4. What do you believe the future holds for RB Chris Johnson in Tennessee? (@The_Abman_Mon)


That is the $9 million question. He is due that much for 2013 on the 5th day of the league year. He has been much better, really starting with the first game against the Texans, but the question they will have to answer is whether or not they want to invest that much money in a running back.

My guess is that they end up paying the money because it is going to be hard to let him just walk if he ends up running for close to 1,300 yards.


5. Since the Titans have faced the Texans once, what do you think the Titans will adjust for game 2 and how will they try to slow Texans WR Andre Johnson? (@olyeller01)


The Titans have faced Andre Johnson a bunch of times in his career and have never figured out a way to stop him. I don’t see how that will change this week.


6. What can the Titans do on defense to slow the Texans offense and are there any matchups the Titans can exploit? 


Well the easy answer there is slow the running game and get pressure on Matt Schaub, but that is much easier said than done. This defense has been playing more aggressive in the last month, so they might be able to generate some pressure, but I don’t see any shot they can stop the running game.


7. It seems the Titans are sticking with Jake Locker at QB. Does Locker have what it takes to lead this team into the future?


The jury is still out on that one. There is no doubt he has the make-up to be the guy, but he still needs to be more accurate in the pocket if he is going to be a franchise quarterbacks. He has made strides in that direction, and is willing to put in the work, but he isn’t there yet.


8. Since the Titans are out of the 2012 playoff picture, what do you believe the team is playing for in these last 5 weeks?


Locker’s development is the most important thing in these last few weeks, but the entire coaching staff is coaching for their jobs. While they don’t have the playoffs to prepare for, they do have that after Bud Adams put everyone on notice.


9. Are we expecting to see some of the lesser known players in the rest of the season and who do you expect could surprise the Texans this Sunday on both offense and defense?


Zach Brown is a guy on defense that has really stepped up over the last few weeks. Titans’ DC Jerry Gray has been using him to rush the passer and in coverage. He has been really good.

On offense I expect them to try really hard to get the ball to Britt and Jared Cook. You have heard of both of those guys, but they haven’t been featured as much this year as you would expect.


10. Bud Adams notably called out the entire Titans organization after an ugly week 9 loss. The team responded with a huge victory over Miami in week 10. What have we learned about Adams, the coaching staff and players through this ongoing saga?


Nothing really. Bud is still crazy and this is a mediocre football team with a mediocre coaching staff. They are going to look good some weeks but bad others. It is a cycle that we have been stuck with since about 2004.


Thank you to Jimmy, @TitansMCM, for facing some hard to answer questions on his beloved Tennessee Titans and responding with logic and truthful realities that the Titans are facing at the moment. Of course, we saw the Texans challenged in weeks 11 and 12 versus the Jaguars and Lions respectively. It is not such a stretch that the Titans bring a little something to stress the Texans fans once more in week 13. Here’s to a great game!

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