March 20, 2018

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Playoff Edition 2

The game is over and our beloved team got served once again. The New England Patriots came into the matchup with a game plan that was scrapped and still managed to hang 41 points. After watching this game so many questions come to mind and major concerns going forward. In this final article let’s look at some of the concerns going into the offseason.


FINAL SCORE: Texans 28 Patriots 41









Texans Total Yards: 425

Patriots Total Yards: 457


Texans Passing Yards: 334

Patriots Passing Yards: 335


Texans Rushing Yards: 91

Patriots Rushing Yards: 122


Texans TOP: 31:24

Patriots TOP: 28:36







The best part of the game was that the Texans didn’t have to combat against both of the Patriots’ tight ends. Rob Gronkowski reinjured his fractured arm and was out the remainder of the game in the first quarter. Danny Woodhead injured his hand and that was the end of the Patriots initial game plan against the Texans. Unfortunately, this didn’t slow down their attack long as the game got out of hand when the Texans couldn’t sustain drives to get into the red zone.



Danieal Manning was terrible. He couldn’t cover anyone properly. How many times will he misread screen plays in the red zone? Manning missed tackles and was just awful on defense. The best thing he did was two kickoff returns, but he wasn’t a positive factor in any other way. I think at this point we can collectively say that Kareem Jackson has surpassed Jonathan Joseph as the Texans top corner. Joseph played off man coverage the entire game and when the Patriots needed two yards, why was he at least six off of Brandon Lloyd? The defense looked good at times, but the safety play was atrocious at times. I really believe that the Texans MUST get another free safety that can cover sideline to sideline and will play smarter.



Is Matt Schaub the right quarterback for the Texans? It pains me to believe that he is the best option we have at this point. How many times have we seen Schaub’s act? He proven to me that he doesn’t want to be touched. Schaub had several plays in the second quarter where he could have tucked the ball and run for a few yards, and he decides to throw the ball away. The decisions he made in this game were infuriating. Schaub had Andre Johnson wide open in the end zone and threw it behind him. I don’t believe in him. One thing I have come to understand and can count on with Schaub under center is that he is good for at least one turnover. How many times have we seen Schaub cower at slight pressure? How many times have we seen Schaub get happy feet in the pocket when all he has to do is step up and throw or scramble? It’s very sickening as a fan when you see your team in position to make the game competitive, but your opportunities are squandered away by your QB’s inability to rise to the occasion. Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith really need to consider bringing in another quarterback to compete with Matt or replace him. In my eyes Schaub has peeked and now we have him for four more years. I feel really bad for Johnson, because he is just outside his prime and he deserves better than what Schaub can give him. My final question for Kubiak and Rick Smith is what are you going to do now?

*Injury Note:  DeVier Posey tore his Achilles tendon and is likely out for the entire 2013-2014 season.

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