March 22, 2018

Sources: Texans Thinking of Moving Reed



This move is contingent on the Houston Texans resigning free agent Connor Barwin, which could give the Texans the option to move Brooks Reed inside. Reed played inside some during the 2012 season which gave the Texans a small sample size of what he could possibly be as an inside linebacker. It is hard to not say that this could not be a reality, but this is nothing more than a rumor at this point.

This would mean Connor Barwin (if resigned) and Whitney Mercilus would play at outside linebacker, while Brian Cushing and Reed would be on the inside.


2 Responses to “Sources: Texans Thinking of Moving Reed”
  1. kmc1499 says:

    The biggest thing that concerns me with this move is his cover abilities. We already have several lumbering stiff Lbs who cant cover. Its a shame that Ruud is the best cover guy we have and we picked him up off the street. With Cushing out that was our biggest liability on defense and new england killed us with their backs and tight ends.

    Speaking of Barwin should we really resign this guy? Playing with Watt should have lead to a double digit sack year. Unfortunately Barwin couldn’t get home which should worry the Texans considering how many single blocks he got due to watt, but that another article for another day. (go ahead and do a write up on that PLEASE!)

    I would like to see the Texans take a look at Vince Williams LB Florida State. This guy can play sideline to sideline and has played against top notch competition. Pair him with a thumper like Cushing and we have a duo that takes the position from a weakness to a strength like the niners have.

    • terrell1223 says:

      I agree i don’t think Reed’s cover skills are well enough to play ILB we have enough LB’s that aren’t very good in coverage we don’t need another. i say we draft Jon Major out of colorado, if Cushing had a clone that played just like him this is who it would be he’s fast (4.5 40 to be exact) 240 lbs (great 3-4 ILB size) can tackle and EXCELLENT in coverage just see for yourself in this video.

      Leave Reed outside with mercilus on the other side and have Cushing and Major at ILB with Watt john jenkins and antonio smith as d-line=best front 7 in the league

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