March 18, 2018

SOTT Draft Profile: Kenny Stills

An eccentric wide receiver from the University of Oklahoma, Kenny Stills was a three year starter at WR for the Sooners and started every game of his college career.

We talked with Jordan Esco of the Crimson and Cream Machine, an Oklahoma Sooners community on SB Nation, about the California native.


Tale of the Tape

Height- 6’ 1”
Weight- 190 pounds
Class- Junior


Can you give some background info on him and a quick overview of his career?

Stills is the kind of guy who marches to the beat of his own drummer and at times that didn’t necessarily go over all that well in Norman.  He’s a laid back California kid who surprised a number of people when he signed with Oklahoma.  He excelled in his first two years under the tutelage of now Detroit Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles.  This past season, as Oklahoma’s primary threat, Stills stepped his game up nicely leading the team in receptions, yards, and touchdown catches.


What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Stills is a guy who came to Oklahoma as a 4.4 forty type receiver and while he was never really someone who would run away from defenders, I expect him to put up a decent time at the combine.  He’s a guy who during his three years at Oklahoma really learned how to use his body to create separation without drawing a flag. I certainly wouldn’t call his hands suspect, but he did have a tendency to drop the occasional pass.  He also showed a somewhat disturbing trend of short-arming balls when his routes brought him over the middle of the field.  As a guy who could wind up playing in the slot, that is something which will definitely have to change if he wants to have success playing on Sundays.


What do you think of Stills’ decision to leave Norman after his junior season?

As to his decision to leave early, there weren’t many who follow Oklahoma that were very surprised by it.  He had talked about leaving early a year prior to his actual decision, so he was a guy many OU fans expected would leave early barring an injury or incredibly disappointing junior season.  Neither of these happened, which made his early departure somewhat inevitable. While Oklahoma isn’t exactly hurting for receivers, Stills will be missed as he had become one of the Sooners most reliable offensive targets.


Which NFL receiver would you compare him to?

Coming out of college, I think Stills’ game compares pretty favorably to that of a guy like Reggie Wayne.  He and Wayne have a similar build though I think Stills probably has better top end speed, especially now after Wayne’s time in the league.  Stills certainly isn’t expected to be drafted as highly as Wayne was in 2001, but he’s definitely a guy who should be able to have success in this league given the things that he does well.


What do you think his ceiling is in the NFL?

I think the fact that he’s a guy who could play on the outside or in the slot, he did both while at Oklahoma, helps him from an obvious versatility standpoint.  I’ll stand by my Reggie Wayne comparison in saying that a best case scenario for Stills would be something similar to what Wayne has done post Peyton Manning.

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