March 21, 2018

Bob McNair Showing the Texans’ Off-Season Plan

Rick Smith and Bob McNairMore than usual, it looks like Houston Texans’ Owner Bob McNair has been making the rounds and making his voice heard. Mr. McNair does not talk often but when he does it usually has validity. Since the Texans’ season ended, he has been talking to numerous outlets and being put on record on what he feels the team should be looking for this off-season.

There has been little change from his interviews and all say the same topic when it comes to personnel the team is looking for heading into the 2013 season. We looked at two interviews and one audio interview to see what Mr. McNair is thinking moving forward with this off-season  The good thing about McNair’s quotes is that it seems to be right in line with what was seen by die-hard fans saw throughout the 2012 season, which is encouraging.

We pulled some quotes from Mr. McNair and we analyze each quote a little closer and see if we can shed some thoughts on them.


“We need another playmaker (at receiver). We want more speed at receiver. Andre (Johnson) had a great year, but we can’t expect him to carry the load for all the receivers.”

This has been an issue for the Texans since Andre Johnson was drafted by the Texans in 2003. The need has been there and right now the team does not have a player who has speed and can help with the workload in the passing game. Where the Texans find this player is another story, but it is good to see Mr. McNair point out an obvious issue that has been a long-standing issue.

“If we say we’re going to run the ball better, we need to make sure we’ve got depth in our offensive line.”

Look no further than the right side of the offensive line, and depth was a big issue especially with the youth on the line. It feels that the team wants to bring in some quality depth to push the youngsters and find some continuity on the right side of the offensive line. We are still convinced there is plenty room to grow for Ben Jones, Brandon Brooks and Derek Newton, but an insurance plan is needed.

“Do we need something on offense? We know we need another wide receiver to add some more speed there. We got an offensive line that we want to see improve, and our young guys are gonna improve. At running back we’re in good shape, we have good depth. We think we’re in good shape at quarterback. At tight end I think we’re in good shape there.”

It is interesting to see him say they are content at quarterback and tight end. I understand running back, which leads us to believe Ben Tate will be back in 2013. The tight end situation could be decent if the Texans bring back James Casey strictly as a tight end to help in that position group.  It still leads us to believe the Texans are going to look hard at the quarterback situation and see if they can find Matt Schaub’s eventual replacement.

“We need more depth at linebacker. We can always use another cornerback. We don’t have a glaring weakness.”

The linebacker issue came back to haunt the Texans in 2012, and this is probably the one position where the biggest face lift needs to occur. They need to get younger, faster and cheaper and get some player who can help on defense and special teams.  The corner backs on the Texans are pretty good especially if they find a way to bring back Brice McCain, and with the emergence of Kareem Jackson the position group is pretty solid.

“Do we need another defensive back, so when we’re playing nickel defense we’re stronger? If people are gonna do this dinkin’ and dunkin’ on these short passes, we need to be able to cover those better. Do we need more speed at linebacker? Do we need a little more pass rush? Do we need a little better ball catching ability in the secondary?”

This is probably the most telling of all the quotes we could find and it shows the glaring weaknesses in the defense. Underneath passes ate up the Texans with linebackers covering back out of the backfield. Linebacker, pass rush and ball hawks in the secondary are parts the defense lacked in 2012. The defense had more faults than people realized and the unit under achieved compared to the 2012 success they had. It will take some key acquisitions to correct these issues and get the defense back to being more aggressive.



You can see the Bob McNair interviews from the Chronicle here, the Houston Texans website and his audio interview with MaD Radio here

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  1. toroalx says:

    I think McNair should look into Jon Major from Colorado, he is an excellent ILB, with speed, with power and would complement Cushing.

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