March 20, 2018

Is Harvin to Houston a Possibility?

Word coming out of Minnesota is that disgruntled wide receiver Percy Harvin is looking for a way out-of-town, and looks like it is heading that direction. One of the more complete and explosive players in the NFL, Harvin can create instant offense on the ground, in the air and returning kicks.

Adam Rank of said this of Percy Harvin,

It is apparent that Harvin will be finding a new zip code for the 2013 season, but the question remains, would the Texans take a chance on the play maker from Minnesota? Also to go along with his play making ability is the tag of being “baggage” that teams don’t want especially with his start in Florida reportedly grabbing a coach, a verbal altercation with Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier and his latest contract demands for the next season.  The contract demands Harvin has thrown out are in the neighborhood of $30 million guaranteed in his next contract that he wants now. He has threatened to hold out of all football activities until his demands are met, which will cause some issues for the Vikings on the trade market.

One report showed that one NFL executive said it would take a 2nd round pick with an extra pick to get Harvin off the Vikings hands for the 2013 season. Harvin has one season left on his rookie deal which he is owed over $4 million in 2013, with $1,128,800 of that $4 million being guaranteed. The real issues is the long-term deal that it would take to keep Harvin on the team that could possibly trade for him.

Enter the thought the Texans could use a player like Harvin to instantly upgrade their offense and give the team that play maker opposite Andre Johnson. Harvin has averaged 825 receiving yards and 170 rushing yards in the past four seasons and put up 29 total touchdowns. He can be put anywhere in the offense to help, wide receiver or running back and he has shown he can make an impact with the football at both positions. Throw in his return ability, players like him with his skill set do not come around often.

Add in the fact the Texans have around 10 draft picks (7 picks and compensatory) in the upcoming draft and the front office could package their 2nd round pick and late round pick to possibly land him in Houston. Harvin is a known quantity when it comes to his play on the field, but the “baggage” could be enough to scare off the squeaky clean Texans mentality. Also, factor in that the Texans have “no money” for a player like his caliber to sign in Houston is for the front office to figure out. If the Texans can make moves with less than $3 million during the 2012 off season, there are ways to make it work.

Opportunities to add a 24-year-old triple threat to an aging offense could be a much-needed spark to a unit that is looking for help. It’s moments like these that NFL teams take advantage of to make a difference in their teams, and this could be one of those times. The only issue is that the Texans are not known to make “out of the box” moves to address needs and this could be one of those times the Texans will pass on the opportunity  The risk may be great, but it would be a sight to see the Texans to take a calculated risk, and despite Harvin being a wildcard as a personality, change could be good for the disgruntled Harvin.

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