March 24, 2018

SOTT Draft Profile : Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin

Ricky Wagner added 80 lbs and changed positions to become next in a long line of notable Wisconsin left tackles. He is atheltic and versatile, but how does that translate to the next level? We once more check in with Andrew Rosin for answers on what we can expect for the success from the man following Joe Thomas and Gabe Carimi out of University of Wisconsin to the NFL.

What path did Ricky Wagner take to get to Wisconsin?


Ricky Wagner? He didn’t even receive a scholarship offer from the Badgers. He was more of a basketball player, with five division one offers after some youthful indiscretions limited his senior season on the gridiron. He came into Madison as a 240 pound tight end.


What did Wagner mean to the Wisconsin program?


The Badgers have had a tendency to develop some great linemen in recent seasons without much fanfare coming in. Wagner’s the next man up. He was durable and played very well at times. He’s not going to be as remembered as a Joe Thomas, but we’re not going to look on him crossly.


What are some of Wagner’s strengths?


Wagner’s kept a lot of athleticism for adding 80 pounds since his first days in Madison. While some wonder if he could stay at left tackle, teams would find that he has a better than average chance to stay on the left side, though he first cracked the starting lineup on the right side. He has a durable frame and has the strength to absolutely take a defensive lineman out of the game.


What would you consider to be Wagner’s weaknesses?


For someone with as much in game experience as Wagner had, he’s still inconsistent with his technique. You may have heard rumors in the Senior Bowl that he was struggling. I wasn’t completely surprised. He had some real issues in the early part of the season. Were they all his fault? No. But he’s not gonna fit in a zone blocking scheme.


What are the early NFL projections for Ricky Wagner? How do you think he will do at the next level? Does he fit any particular schemes in your opinion?


Wagner’s stock has fallen with a struggle-laden senior season and a poor senior bowl appearance. It’s not so much to knock him off any draft lists. But he’s looking like a Day 3 pick. Maybe a 5th rounder.


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