March 17, 2018

Top 5 Free Agent Signings in Texans History

With the opening of free agency, we decided to look at the top 10 free agent signings in Houston Texans history. The list is short but filled with impact players who have done their part to make a difference when they were brought in to help the Texans.


Top 5

5. Bernard Pollard

Signed off the scrap heap in 2009, Pollard came into the season in Houston and took matters into his own hands. In two seasons with the Texans he posted 212 total tackles and four interceptions on a very sub par defense. Pollard was a liability in coverage but was a tackling machine and gave the Texans defense a new edge they did not have before. Even though it was for only a short stint, Pollard was an impact player for the Texans. 


Vonta Leach

Vonta Leach

4. Vonta Leach

Signed off the streets after the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers had him on the roster during the 2006 season, Leach became a fan favorite and best fullback in the NFL, growing in the Texans offense for five seasons, leading to a Pro Bowl selection in 2010. Leach played fullback and contributed on special teams, becoming one of the best players in Texans history. 


3. Wade Smith

One of the the more under the radar signings, Smith was brought in from Kansas City prior to the 2010 season and he has gone on to start 48 straight games for the Texans. He has contributed to solidifying the left side of the offensive line and helped mentor Duane Brown. Throw in his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2012, Smith has been the biggest bang-for-the-buck signing for the Texans. 


2. Antonio Smith

Coming off a Superbowl appearance, the Texans signed Smith from the Arizona Cardinals to play book end opposite of Mario Williams. Wade Phillips coming in 2011 helped rejuvenate Smith’s career and put him back into the 3-4 defense, playing to his strengths. He is currently third in franchise history in sacks and was named to a Pro Bowl in 2011.


1. Johnathan Joseph

Johnathan Joseph

Johnathan Joseph

Make no mistake the biggest splash in team history helped set the defense and mark the change in Texans defense and culture of the team. Joseph has given the team the best cornerback in franchise history and a true game changer in the back half of the secondary, not to mention what he has done for the growth of Kareem Jackson. 


Missed the Cut: 

Joel Dresseen, Corey Bradford, Kris Brown, Kevin Walter, Danieal Manning



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