March 22, 2018

Day 2 Wrap-Up: Texans Free Agency

The Houston Texans on day two of free agency lost another starter, but started the process of looking for some help of their own. Pretty interesting news is starting to leak out about the Texans.



Day 2 notes

– The big new of the day is veteran free safety Ed Reed will be visiting Reliant on Thursday. This comes a surprise with so little talk coming out of Houston the past couple days this comes as breath fresh air for an anxious fan base.

– The Texans lost out to the Detroit Lions in the bidding war for free agent Glover Quin. Quin reached a 5 year deal with Lions which put the Texans in a hole with their safety depth. Interesting news came out about the Texans contract offers with Quin and his agent.





Alan Ball visited the Jacksonville Jaguars today. Ball who was a quality role player for the Texans in 2012 is looking for the same role outside of Houston.

– The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain shot down rumors that the Texans were interested in free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings.

– Pro Football Talk has linked the Texans to free agent defensive back, Nnamdi Asomugha. This rumor came out of nowhere, but it is hard to see if Asomugha fits into the Texans plans.

Justin Forsett tweeted out that his first visit will be to see the Jaguars. Forsett was a quality back for the Texans, especially when Ben Tate was struggling with injuries in the middle of the season.

– Free agent linebacker Tim Dobbins is in talks with the Dallas Cowboys.

– News on Connor Barwin has been quiet on all fronts. Reports were that he is in talks with the Philadelphia Eagles, but nothing has been confirmed if there is a deal in order. Wade Phillips also chimed in on Barwin’s looming situation.

– John McClain, Houston Chronicle, has also made it seem like the Texans are also interested in Charles Woodson if they can not reach an agreement with Reed.







Here are the Day 1 Notes

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