March 18, 2018

Ochocinco Wants to Play for the Texans

Per, latest developments show Andre Johnson has spoken with WR Chad Johnson, who is interested in playing  in the NFL, particularly for the Houston Texans.

While “Ochocinco” admits he is in “no position to be picky,” Andre Johnson says Chad has talked to him about it and has said, “Chad’s been working out, he’s learned a lot about himself,” also “I think he will get another opportunity, he’ll be very successful.” Chad Johnson has said of the predicament that in part was what landed him on the outside of the NFL looking in, “I think I’ve been very good to the NFL and for the NFL  over a number of years… but I did mess up, you know I messed up once. I made my bed and have to lay in it. Some people are given second chances, some people aren’t. I think at this point I’ve learned my lesson.”

Chad is undoubtedly referring to the assault charge against his former wife Evelyn Lozada during training camp of 2012. The question is, can he still play. It remains to be seen whether the Texans or any other NFL franchise is willing to give him the chance so we can find out.

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