March 17, 2018

Texans Can Still Find Help In Free Agency

The 2013 free agent market has hit a standstill and veteran players are looking for work, and the majority of the deals on the table are for one year. With plenty of free agents still available, we looked at who could come in on short contracts and provide some help for the coming season.

There is still work to do but the Texans can still find some quality help to add to the 2013 NFL roster. Some may be up there in age, but a one or two year deal would not be a bad investment for a team looking to make it past the divisional round.



LaRod Stephens-Howling, Runningback, 5-7, 185 lbs. 

A smaller back, but Stephens-Howling is another running back that can spot fill with carries when needed, but more importantly return kicks when needed. He has shown he can provide explosive plays and really does well catching the ball out of the backfield. He can also be a special team coverage player and showed he can do it despite his smaller size. A complete player who can do it all in every facet of the game.


Jackie Battle, Runningback, 6-2, 238 lbs.

The Humble, Texas native could easily return home to play in his hometown with the Texans, who are needing to fill their third running back spot. A bigger back, Battle could fill in a pinch at fullback or halfback, but more importantly give the Texans a special teams player that can contribute with a purpose. Battle can catch out of the backfield and has good skill set to fill in, if needed. The former Cougar could continue in Houston and be a nice filler to the roster.



Early Doucet

Early Doucet

Early Doucet, Wide Receiver, 6-0, 212 lbs. 

Only 27 years old, Doucet still has something to prove as a 3rd round pick in the 2008 NFL draft. Doucet had horrid quarterback play after Kurt Warner was his quarterback his rookie season, and he was never able to latch on with the Cardinals. He was passed over for other wide receivers and injuries seemed to have plagued him. Doucet could come in and compete for a roster spot and push the likes of Lestar Jean for his position.



Casey Hampton, Defensive Tackle, 6-1, 325 lbs. 

The 35 year old Galveston native played all 16 games in 2012 and gave what he could for the Steelers in the middle. Hampton is entering his 13th NFL season and could follow the footsteps of other older free agents and sign a one year deal and prolong his career. His experience and size could prove useful in limited snaps for the defense and could make a nice combination at nose tackle with Earl Mitchell. Hampton could bring some knowledge and experience to a defense that needs some more leadership.



Sione Pouha

Sione Pouha

Sione Pouha, Defensive Tackle, 6-3, 325 lbs. 

Another nose tackle on the market, Pouha was slowed by some back issues in 2012. Pouha became a full time starter in 2009 and became an instant producer on the New York Jets’ defensive line. Since 2007, he has only missed 4 games but they caused a big drop off in his production this past season. He could add some size the Texans’ defense needs in the middle to protect the inside linebackers, and for short yardage situations. Pouha would be another nice piece to the Texans’ defensive interior.


Bart Scott, Inside Linebacker, 6-2, 242 lbs. 

The New York Jets contemplated bringing Scott back after they cut him loose for salary cap reasons at a heavily reduced deal. A foot injury hampered Scott in 2012 and made him slower during game action. If Scott can get his foot healed and checked out medically, he could be a decent two down linebacker next to Brian Cushing. Throw in the fact that his old Baltimore Raven teammate Ed Reed is in Houston now could play as a factor for him to possibly want to play at Reliant. It is probably a long shot, but Scott could provide one year at inside linebacker, while the Texans find younger players to develop inside for future seasons.


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