March 22, 2018

Offensive Line: Once a Weakness, Now a Strength?

By bringing back offensive tackle Ryan Harris, the Houston Texans are showing some of their hand heading into the NFL draft. Throw in the fact they also signed their only restricted free agent in Andrew Gardner, the Texans’ offensive line already looks intact for the 2013 season. The only difference in the offensive line is current free agent Antoine Caldwell, who started the 2012 season as the right guard but was soon passed over by then rookie Ben Jones, will not be back with the team. 

Entering the 2013 season, the starting offensive line for the Divisional round of the playoffs will be on the roster including all of the backup offensive lineman.


The Texans current offensive line depth looks like this:

Tackles: Duane Brown, Derek Newton, Ryan Harris, Andrew Gardner, Nick Mondek

Guards: Brandon Brooks, Wade Smith, Cody White, Ben Jones

Center: Chris Myers


Cody White will replace Caldwell as the backup and one fact known about White is last season he was activated to the 53 man roster after the Carolina Panthers were going to claim him off the practice squad. The Texans are relatively young at the offensive line position with their average age being 26.3 years old. 

Coming out of the 2012 season, we even felt that the Texans would make little moves regarding their offensive line with their young group on the right side. Being young and with their three Pro-Bowl offensive lineman in Brown, W. Smith and Myers, the Texans are set with their offensive line.

This draft should not produce a high draft pick regarding the offensive line and, if there is one, expect it on the third day of the draft.  After a questionable season in 2012, this offensive line could be a real strength for the team and, most importantly, Jones, Brooks and Newton will have a year under their belt in the system. Expect a jump up in play for the offensive line in 2013 which will help the offense in general and in one season the question mark of the team could be a strength of it.


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