March 22, 2018

SOTT Interview: Jose Jose, University of Central Florida

Jose Jose, Defensive Tackle, UCF

Jose Jose, Defensive Tackle, UCF

At 6′ 2″ and 320 lbs., University of Central Florida defensive tackle Jose Jose is a massive force on the football field. Although Jose was dismissed from the UCF football team in 2013, he has been working diligently to lose weight and prepare for an opportunity in the NFL.

First of all, how has your preparation for the NFL draft been going and who is training you?


I have been surrounded with great people that want to help me succeed. I’ve been training with Chris Chambers in my hometown of Miami. A gentleman who works for my agency, Sam Leaf, has really taught me a lot about myself and what it is to succeed on & off the field.


You have been on some NFL teams’ workout lists (49ers, Dolphins and Texans.) How has that experience been?


Any team that shows interest in me is blessing. I’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to this point. I’ve had a private workout with the Dolphins, which was dream come true. I grew up in Miami so  grew up watching the Dolphins. The Texans are my #1 choice. I like the 3-4 scheme and my guy Sam Leaf has a great relationship with a lot of the Texans coaches.


You were recently at the NFL Regional Combine in Dallas,TX. How do you feel you performed at the event?


I feel I did great at the Super Regional Combine. I was able to show a lot of NFL scouts my ability. My feet, quickness and endurance are some of my best traits and those were all on display. The NFL Regional Combine is a great route for guys who don’t get to go the combine in Indy.


Your time at UCF didn’t end the way you wanted it to. What did you learn most about yourself during that process?


For the most part, I’ve learned to prioritize my life and tame my tongue. Staying humble will be one of the key attributes to my future success. I learned a lot while I was at UCF and in my short amount of time being in the “real world,” I’ve been able to apply a lot of things I learned while being there.


Do you feel more comfortable playing at nose tackle or a three technique?


I can play either nose tackle or three technique. It doesn’t matter where I play as long as the team wants me there, I’ll be there to perform.


What do you expect to bring to the table for that NFL team that decides to bring you to their camp?


Any team that gets me will be very lucky. I’m someone who’s willing to lay it all out on the field and in the community. I’m coachable and ready to contribute to the organization that gives me an opportunity to make their 53 man roster.

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