March 21, 2018

SOTT Interview: Antavious Wilson, Marshall University

At 6’1″ 198 lbs., wide receiver Antavious Wilson broke out his senior season at Marshall with 69 receptions for 741 yards and 9 touchdowns, becoming a 2012 All-Conference USA Honorable Mention. After a stellar season his first year on the field with the Thundering Herd, Wilson suffered injuries and struggled through his sophomore and junior seasons. Coming back his senior year, he showed he is equally willing to block and catch and is excited for an opportunity to land on an NFL team.


First of all how has your preparation for the draft been going and who is training you?


My training is going great! I’ve been training with former NFL WR Chris Chambers down in Miami. I have learned a lot from Chris. I’m very blessed to have had this time. Also a member at my agency, Sam Leaf, has really taken the time to get to know me and truly put me in the best position to succeed.


What does Marshall mean to you as a person and what did the university do for you?


Marshall means a lot to me because they gave me an opportunity to play college football. Marshall did a lot for me. They taught me how to be a successful man on and off the field. They gave me the opportunity to graduate college and play college football. I will always hold Marshall close to my heart and I will always make them proud.


What was the key to your success after your breakout season as a freshman at Marshall?


The keys for success were developed during my freshman year. The keys were to always stay on point, in every aspect of my game, as well as to get better each day. I knew with every rep I took I had to be better than the rep before.


After tearing your ACL midway during your sophomore season, how did that affect you as a player mentally and physically?


Injuries are one of the hardest things to overcome in football. Physically, it affected me a lot but reminded me of how hard I need to work on my body and to take good care of my body. While playing football, we rely on body parts that can give out on us at any time. Mentally, it took its toll on me because I was unable to finish out the season and I knew my team needed me. I was able to find a way to bounce back and learned a lot from the experience.

How rewarding was it for you to make a big comeback your senior season and put up the numbers you did?


It was very rewarding because of all the work I put in that off season. All the hard work I put in translated to my senior year. I couldn’t have asked for a better senior year as a player. My teammates fueled me each and every day that I was out there.

What do you expect to bring to the table for that NFL team that decides to bring you to their camp?


Whatever that team expects from me on or off the field, I will bring. The expectations that have been laid out in the past are what I will live up to. On the field, I will bring the whole package: blocking when I need to, catching the ball when my number is called, and collecting as many yards after the catch as I can. My goal is to make whatever team that I go to better and if I were to leave, you would be able to tell the difference when I’m gone.


Who do you try and watch to pattern your game after when you get on the field?


I try to model myself after Anquan Boldin. We are the same type of player, we block great during run plays and catch the ball when our number is called. Plus we are from the same hometown.

You can see our draft profile on Wilson here. 

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