March 22, 2018

SOTT Interview: Aaron Davis, SMU

“My goal is not to get drafted, my goal is to make an NFL team.”

Aaron Davis, SMU, Fullback/Defensive End


It’s not often you are able to talk to an NFL prospect, but we recently had the privilege of sitting down with Southern Methodist University’s Aaron Davis. Davis graduated from SMU in December (Majored in

Aaron Davis, SMU

Aaron Davis, SMU

Philosophy) and was a part of the turnaround of the Mustangs’ football program the past three seasons.

The Mustangs have appeared in three straight bowl games after a 25 year absence from the post season. Davis played a big role on special teams and defense and at times chipped in at fullback. At 6-2 and 290 lbs., Davis is one of the more athletic players set to try his fortune at the NFL level.


Tale of the Tape

Height: 6-2

Weight: 290 lbs.

40 yard: 4.7 seconds

225 lbs. reps: 34

Vertical Jump: 34 inches

Broad Jump: 10 feet 1 inch


Davis attended Fresno State after graduating from Elsinore High School (California) in 2008.  He soon transferred to SMU, following defensive coordinator Tom Mason to Texas. This was a move for Davis that would put him on his NFL journey.


We asked Davis about his relationship with June Jones and how he influenced him at SMU:

“First of all, he tells us ‘I can treat you like a man or can treat you like a kid’ and his point is clear. Coach Jones has been there before and he runs the program like an NFL team. I respect him (Jones).  When I came to SMU, I was a walk-on and he told me ‘If you get on the field, I will put you on scholarship here.’ I made it on the field and he kept his word. He was true to his words.”


Talk to us about your Pro Day at SMU:

” I had the chance to train for 3 to 4 months for that one opportunity. It was nerve racking waiting for that day and once the day came it went well. I trusted my training I put in here at SMU with my strength and conditioning coach Mel deLaura.”


We asked about who has influenced him the most to this point of his career:

“My parents.  With their support emotionally and financially, they have always been there for me. They call me often to see how I am doing and always checking on me. My strength and conditioning coach Mel deLaura has been with me the past three months in the weight room. He has stayed positive with me and always keeps me pushing towards my goals. He has been with me every step of the way. Last are my coaches here at SMU and how close I have been with them. I watch film with them (coaches) and make sure I am learning something new.”


With your career over at SMU and having graduated in December, how did things change for you getting ready for your draft journey:

I had to take it upon myself to have self discipline and take my future into my own hands. I had to watch my own diet and make good decisions.  I had to grow up and take this opportunity by the reins.”


Davis was lucky enough to participate in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl  post season game in Los Angeles, California. We talked to him about the experience.


On NFLPA Bowl:

“It was a big opportunity for me to return home and play, plus my family could come and see me play. It was a huge honor in itself to be invited to play. Practice was a learning experience and was fun.  It was my first experience at an NFL run practice. Plus, Coach (Dick) Vermil was there which was also a surreal sight. You see Coach winning a Super Bowl with the (St. Louis) Rams and now he is coaching me.”


Talk more about Coach Vermil and that experience you had with him at the NFLPA Bowl:

“He brought together a great coaching staff and always had former NFL players coming in to talk to us as a group. The one that stuck out was Isaac Bruce (Rams wide receiver) addressing us and talking about things he learned in the NFL. It is easy to see why players were successful under Coach Vermil.”


As we talked further, we started to get into the process of the draft and the work that goes into it.


He let us into his days preparing for the draft and his Pro Day:

“I was going 6 hours a day. I would workout, get treatment, watch films with the coaches, and test my knowledge. Now I have cut my days down to only 4 hours.”


Davis about the draft process:

“The hardest part of the process is sitting and waiting. I plan to maintain my training just in case I have another workout before the draft.  I am going to keep working. “


On contact with NFL teams:

“My agent has been contacted by 12 NFL teams gathering information.  After my Pro Day at SMU, I was talked to by the (Houston) Texans and we filled out an information card. I have also had private workouts with the Patriots, Packers and Cowboys.”


Davis talked about defensive end or fullback, the position that suits him best:

“Defensive line or fullback, it doesn’t matter. I want to help an NFL team. I was Special Teams Player of the Year the past two seasons so I am ready to play on any special teams that a team wants me to. I have a feeling that some teams may be looking at me more as a fullback, which is fine. I really like the physical part of the football game.”


On what he is hearing about his draft status:

“I am hearing I could be a late pick and possibly an undrafted free agent. I can’t control if I get drafted or not. However it pans out, I want to make it happen from there. My goal is not to get drafted, but to make an NFL roster. I am always wondering who is calling my agent and who may be interested. I can’t worry too much about it but I can’t sit back and relax. I still need to keep working up until I get the call.”


On what Davis can bring to an NFL camp:

“I want to make a team better and come in and make my mark on special teams. I am an emotional player and play with passion when I put the uniform on. There are no guarantees in life, but it is about the team and making them better. No guarantees, just opportunities.” 


A special thanks goes out to Aaron Davis for taking time out to talk to us here at the State of the Texans. You can follow him on twitter here. 




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