March 22, 2018

SOTT Interview: Colin Anderson, Furman

“….if it was not for Furman, I would probably not be in this situation.”

Colin Anderson, Tight end, Furman 


Colin Anderson, Furman

Colin Anderson, Furman

Colin Anderson might be one of the more underrated tight end prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft that many people do not know about. Anderson played football for the Furman Paladins where he showed up on campus as a 175 pound walk-on quarterback buried in the depth chart.

As a Senior, Anderson checked in at 6-4 and 237 lbs. and the Paladin’s starting tight end and one of the offense’s biggest weapons. His final season he had 30 catches for 498 yards and this was after a breakout junior season where he posted 40 catches for 696 yards and 7 touchdowns that earned him Football Championship Series All-American and All-Southern Conference honors in 2011.


Tale of the Tape (Pro Day on 3.7.2013)

Height: 6-4

Weight: 234 lbs.

40 yard dash: 4.8 seconds

Vertical Jump: 36 1/2 inches

225 lbs. Bench Press: 17 reps

Broad Jump: 9 feet 6 inches



First off, how is your off-season going?

“My off-season has been great. I had the opportunity to work out at CES in the Atlanta area where I was able to build my speed and strength by working with other top college players. I was also able to improve my route running and blocking techniques through working with ex-players. One of the products of working out at CES was the great experience of throwing with Colin Kaepernick and having him tell me how well I ran my routes and what I could do to make them even better. That experience gave me the confidence to know I could compete at the next level.”


How did Furman help you get ready for this big moment in your career?

“First of all, my experience at Furman gave me a great education. As far as football goes, my experience at Furman gave me the opportunity to play Division 1 football and develop as a tight end, which was a position I had never played before. My first year at Furman I was able to learn the position from an all conference tight end and over the next three years I was able to develop into an All-American. Obviously, if it was not for Furman I would probably not be in this situation. Walking on I never expected to become an all American tight end but Furman gave me that opportunity.”


Was your pro day everything that you expected?

“My pro day was like nothing I had ever experienced. I have been a big fan of the NFL combine through the last several years but because there were just a few of us at the Furman pro day I really felt like I was under the microscope. It was a day I had been preparing for two months so I felt confident in my ability to perform. Overall I felt like I performed well.”


What teams have you worked out for?

“The only team I worked out for after my pro day was the Dallas Cowboys. It was a surreal experience being on the same field with the team I had grown up watching.”


What players currently in the NFL do you look up to and pattern your game after?

‘My game is most similar to Owen Daniels because I share a lot in common as far as size, athleticism and pass catching go. I also like watching Jimmy Graham and Jason Witten. I tend to pattern my game after the pass catching tight ends rather than the inline blocking tight ends. It has been interesting watching how the position has evolved over the past several years.”


Where have you been working out to get ready for the draft?

“Up until my pro day, I had been working out at CES in Atlanta but for the past month I have been working out on my own at home here in Dallas. I did have the opportunity to work on my speed at the Michael Johnson Performance Facility. That was a cool experience as well because I got to meet Michael Johnson and get some good 1-on-1 training with his staff. “


How are you planning to spend your time as the draft approaches?

“I am continuing to work out to maintain the gains I have built over the past three months. I will probably watch the draft with my family but I am not planning anything fancy.”


Who have been the biggest influences on your life to get you to this point in your football career?

“I have had so many people in my life that have helped me to get to where I am now. My high school coach Brad Warrick was a great influence in my football career and challenged me to continue playing in college. My college teammates/roommates were always there to push me to become a better player and developed my work ethic. Most importantly though are my parents. They have supported me through my entire football career and have sacrificed so much just to allow me to play the game I love and to fulfill my dreams.”


Can you talk about the move from quarterback to tight end?

“Ever since the seventh grade, I had played quarterback. I never pictured myself as a tight end. When I walked on at Furman, I was sixth or seventh on the quarterback depth chart. They gave me the opportunity to move to tight end where I immediately became second-string tight end. As a player who just wanted to get onto the field as soon as possible, that decision was a no brainer. I was able to learn the position from an all conference tight end, which helped in my early development. I found my quarterback experience to help in my understanding of offensive schemes and defensive coverages.”


What can you bring to an NFL roster when you get that call?

“I believe I have a lot to bring to any NFL roster. First of all, NFL teams are stacked with great football players, however, I am a versatile tight end that can play in multiple offensive schemes. I can play on the line, H back, I can be put in motion, or split out wide.”


A special thanks goes out to Colin Anderson for taking time out to sit down and talk with us here at State of the Texans.


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