March 20, 2018

2013 Texans UDFA/Rookie Mini Camp List


 Here is a list of the Houston Texans undrafted free agents that will be invited to the Texans’ rookie minicamp.  

These have not be confirmed by the team.


2013 UDFA/Rookie Mini Camp Class


Zach Boren, Ohio State, Fullback, 6-1 241 lbs.

Graham Pocic, Center, Illinois, 6-7 310 lbs. TRYOUT

Dann O’Neill, Western Michigan, Offensive Tackle, 6-8 305 lbs.

Marlon Brown, Georgia, Wide Receiver, 6-4 213 lbs.

Raymond Graham,  Pittsburgh, Running back, 5-9 190  lbs.

Uzoma Nwachukwu, Texas A&M, Wide Receiver, 6-0 194 lbs.

Jon Opperud, Montana, Offensive Tackle, 6-7 302 lbs.

Andy Cruse, Miami (OH), Wide Receiver, 6-3 212 lbs.

Bryan Collins, SMU, Offensive Guard, 6-3 313 lbs.

Dennis Johnson, Arkansas,Running back,  5-6 196 lbs.

Alex Kupper, Louisville, Offensive Guard, 6-3 298 lbs.

Collin Klein, Kansas State, Quarterback, 6-5, 226 lbs. 

Cierre Wood , Notre Dame, Running back, 5-11 213 lbs.

Michael Smith, UConn, Wide Receiver, 6-0 201 lbsTRYOUT

Alec Lemon, Syracuse, Wide Receiver, Wide Receiver, 6-2 202 lbs.



Justin Tuggle, Inside Linebacker, Kansas State, 6-3, 244  lbs.

Travis Howard, Cornerback, Ohio State,  6-1 200 lbs.

Willie Jeffeson, Outside Linebacker, Stephen F. Austin, 6-6 234 lbs. TRYOUT

Ja’Gared Davis, SMU, Outside Linebacker, 6-1 235 lbs.

Earl Okine, Florida, Defensive End, 6-6 286 lbs.

Evan Frierson, Illinois State, Inside Linebacker, 6-2 240 lbs.

Orhian Johnson, Ohio State, Safety, 6-2 210 lbs.

Johnny Adams, Michigan State, Cornerback, 5-11 177 lbs.

Torlan Pittman, SMU, Defensive Tackle, 6-1, 285 lbs. TRYOUT

Jawanza Starling, USC, Safety, 6-1 200 lbs.

Malik “Fig” James, Langston University, Defensive Back, 6-0 195 lbs. TRYOUT

A.J. Bouye, University of Central Florida, Cornerback, 6-0 186 lbs.

Javicz Jones, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Linebacker/Safety 6-0 224 lbs. TRYOUT



Andrew Shapiro, Fresno State, Punter, 6-0 198 lbs.


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