March 24, 2018

Texans Rookies Twitter Handles

Here are the newest Houston Texans twitter handles.


 The Drafted Class

DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson) (Twitter)

D.J. Swearinger (South Carolina)  (Twitter)

Brennan Williams (North Carolina)  (Twitter)

Sam Montgomery (LSU)  (Twitter)

Trevardo Williams (UConn)  (Twitter)

David Quessenberry (San Jose State)  (Twitter)

Alan Bonner (Jacksonville State)  (Twitter)

Chris Jones  (Bowling Green)

Ryan Griffin (UConn)


The Rookies

Justin Tuggle (Kansas State)  (Twitter)

Travis Howard (Ohio State)  (Twitter)

Willie Jefferson (SFA)  (Twitter)

Graham Pocio (Illinois)  (Twitter)

Ja’Gared Davis (SMU)  (Twitter)

Earl Okine (Florida)  

Zach Boren (Ohio State)  (Twitter)

Evan Fierson (Illinois State)  (Twitter)

Dann O’Neill (Western Michigan)  

Marlon Brown (Georgia)  (Twitter)

Ray Graham (Pitt.)  (Twitter)

Uzoma Nwachukwu (Texas A&M)  (Twitter)

Jon Opperud (Montana)  (Twitter)

Andrew Shapiro (Fresno State)  

Geroge Winn (Cincinnati)  (Twitter)

Andy Cruse (Miami-OH)  (Twitter)

Orhian Johnson (Ohio State)  (Twitter)

Bryan Collins (SMU)  

Dennis Johnson (Arkansas)  (Twitter)

Alex Kupper (Louisville)  

Collin Klein (Kansas State)  (Twitter)

Cierre Wood (Notre Dame)  (Twitter)

Michael Smith (UConn)  (Twitter)

Johnny Adams (Michigan State)  (Twitter)

Torlan Pittman (SMU)  (Twitter)

Jawanza Starling (USC)  (Twitter)

Malik “Fig” James (Langston)  (Twitter)

A.J. Bouye (UCF)  (Twitter)

Alec Lemon (Syracuse)  (Twitter)


If you have any info on the ones we cannot find, please put them in the comment section below. -PDS


You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans.


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