March 22, 2018

Top Rookies of the Texans 2013 Mini Camp

Alan Bonner, #16

Alan Bonner, #16

The three day mini-camp wrapped up and the Houston Texans were able to look at and evaluate 56 players. The Texans had draft picks and 23 rookies already signed to deals who looked to be safe moving out of this phase of the Texans off season.

We were able to take in four of the five practices and get a good look at this new group of rookies who are going to join the veteran part of the team for OTAs and training camp.

*Disclaimer: We left offensive and defensive lineman off until pads are put on but we are high on Brennan Williams and David Quessenberry. 


The Drafted

1. DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver (6-1, 214 lbs.)

He looked better than anyone else on the field. Now it is time to see if he can do it against the veterans. He has the physical gifts to help from the start in week one, but it will be a process. Expectations will grow with every catch he makes in OTAs, training camp and preseason, but he handles himself like a seasoned veteran. Hopkins has the chance to be special and he has a focus that is evident when he gets on the field.


2. D.J. Swearinger, Safety (5-10, 208 lbs.)

Swearinger has the makings for a nice addition to a team that needs a little attitude, a leader and overall football player. He, like Hopkins, stole the show during the mini-camp and was helping defenders line up in the secondary in the first day. Everything he says to his teammates is positive and he backs it up on the field. He had one interception during camp and was all over the field. Swearinger will be a nice compliment to Danieal Manning and Ed Reed.


Trevardo Williams, #54

Trevardo Williams, #54

3. Trevardo Williams, Outside Linebacker (6-1, 241 lbs.)

Put together a little better than we expected, Williams looks like he can play either outside linebacker position. He has some serious speed off the edge and showed he can get low around the corner against offensive tackles. It will be interesting to see how he produces against NFL tackles, but he has gotten off to a good start.


4. Alan Bonner, Wide Receiver (5-10, 193 lbs.)

Another player who is built bigger than what his height and weight make him out to be on paper. Bonner is a good router runner and catches the ball consistently.  He is not flashy but showed some speed when he was asked to stretch the field. He has the makings to be a solid NFL wide receiver with some special teams return ability.


5. Sam Montgomery, Outside Linebacker (6-3, 262 lbs.)

Montgomery is the one player at the Texans camp that is being put under a microscope. He has handled the early media crush well and, despite back spasms, he did improve over the three day stretch. He even showed some coverage skills and did not look that bad in his first attempts to do it. He really flashed some of his skill set when they went to the team session during practice. He played with a little more speed and showed he can get mean with other players. One thing is for sure, he will need to get into better shape which will help him adjust to his new settings.



The Free Agent Rookies

Dennis Johnson, #28

Dennis Johnson, #28

1. Dennis Johnson, Running Back, (5-7, 196 lbs.)

We have said this a few time, we think 5-7 is being generous to Johnson. More will be seen when the pads are strapped on, but he has some lateral quickness and quick feet when he gets the ball in his hands. Also, Johnson has some good vision with the football and he showed some power in blocking drills when he knocked down a teammate that was holding a blocking dummy during pass protection drills.


2. Cierre Wood, Running Back (5-11, 213 lbs.)

A nice runner who has a bigger frame and understands the zone blocking scheme and how to run in it. He has a one cut running style that fits perfect here in Houston and he has some pass catching ability. Wood showed a nice run when he hurdled a defender on the ground and didn’t break stride when he landed to gain more yards.


3. Evan Frierson, Inside Linebacker (6-0, 237 lbs.)

It is hard to tell how Frierson will produce in the run game but he has some good coverage skills and showed some nice speed from the inside. Covering runningbacks or tightens, Frierson has the ability to contribute if he can keep this up. It’s early but how he handles the run defense will be his true test moving forward.


4. Orhian Johnson, Safety (6-3, 215 lbs.)

A gifted athlete, Johnson has all the physical tools to produce at the NFL level. A tall and rangy safety, Johnson showed why he tested off the charts during his pro day at Ohio State. Good feet and 4.4 speed to go with it, he showed he can cover some ground in a hurry. The “Big O” quickly caught on as a nickname on the field and he had an impressive three days.


A.J. Bouye, #34

A.J. Bouye, #34

5. A.J. Bouye, Cornerback (6-0, 186 lbs.)

Bouye has a nice frame as a cornerback and covered well in team and group sessions. He can body up with bigger receivers but also has the ability to run with faster wide receivers. Bouye has some competition from some other teammate, but he started off with some solid technique.


Others to Watch

Justin Tuggle, Outside Linebacker (6-3, 244 lbs.)

Tuggle has only played one real season of defense in college. The former quarterback is an athletic edge player who looks like he can drop and play in space.


Willie Jefferson, Outside Linebacker (6-5, 233 lbs.)

The Beaumont native looks like he should be catching passes, but his speed on the field is impressive. Will be interesting to see if he can use that speed against NFL tackles.


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