March 22, 2018

Digging Deep: Alan Bonner

Alan Bonner was an unknown name to the Houston Texans fan base before being drafted in the 6th round out of Jacksonville State. There was little information on Bonner prior to him being taken by the Texan so we had to find out more.

We talked to Al Muskewitz from the Anniston Star who covers Jacksonville State football for the Star. We asked Al what he saw in the newest Texans wide receiver.


Digging Deep


When you watch Bonner play, who does he remind you of?

Alan Bonner

Alan Bonner

I don’t know that I can say because I really don’t watch much more than beyond when JSU plays. I could give you a bunch of dual-skilled guys, because that’s what he does, but I wouldn’t want to over rate a guy. I will say he developed a reputation early in the draft process as a sleeper in this past draft and I think he has a chance to surprise as a smaller school draftee. People figured he was going to be a late round pick or priority free agent. The Texans clearly had a need, they liked him and took him. Not a bad pick when you put all that together.


Is he a true wide receiver or does his value lie in his kick returner ability? 

He’s a wide receiver but the JSU staff recognized early on what his value was as a return specialist. If I remember right, it started when they needed a guy who could at least catch the ball in pouring rain at Florida State — a game JSU had won until the final two minutes — they put him back there and the rest as they say …


What is his biggest attribute that made him draftable for the Texans?

That he can do more than one thing. He’s a down-the-field threat, has good hands and for most, if not all, of his senior year was the FCS active career leader in a bunch of punt return categories.


Was he consistently the best player for the Gamecocks?

I’d say consistently the most reliable. During his career, JSU had former big-time SEC skill position guys – Ryan Perrilloux and Washaun Ealey — but neither went to the Combine or got drafted after their senior years because of character concerns that kept them out of regular season games. They’ve also had a couple DBs make rosters as free agents, but one parlayed one big game as a junior into his opportunity.


Alan Bonner

Alan Bonner

Can he make the Texans as a wide receiver?

Since Kubiak already is on record saying he likes Bonner’s work ethic and things he’s already seen and there is a definite need at the position, I don’t see any reason he can’t.


How do you see him at the NFL level moving forward? 

The more you can do the more chances you have to play. Bonner’s ability as a return specialist – not just that he can do it, but he has proven he can perform (albeit not within the level of major DI or NFL) — gives him a chance to be in the league longer than if he were just a receiver.


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