March 24, 2018

Leach Coming Back to Houston?

At the end of the 2010 season fan favorite and then starting fullback Vonta Leach left via free agency to join the Baltimore Ravens. Nearly three years later and a Super Bowl ring on Leach’s finger, the best fullback in football was released by the Ravens. There was some speculation on what might happen to Leach, and then this morning this came out.




Vonta+Leach+Houston+Texans+v+Philadelphia+odK70-2i2SZxNow we try to temper expectations, but the thought of Leach rejoining the team where he started to make a name for himself could be a great addition to the team. Leach was a fan favorite and he really came to the fore front his last season in Houston when he helped Arian Foster become who he is today, a franchise running back. Leach was a locker room favorite, he was Andre Johnson’s personal hype man during Johnson’s contract situation in 2010, Leach deep down inside considers Houston home. Leach never wanted to leave Houston, but the money was too good for him in Baltimore, which also ended up be a good career move in the long run.

Leach would be welcomed to Houston with open arms and there would be little learning curve for the fullback who played some of his best football at Reliant. There is a slight issue with the Leach talk coming back to Houston.


The Jones Factor

Greg Jones, #33, Fullback

Greg Jones, #33, Fullback

The Houston Texans only signed one of the best and most versatile fullback in the NFL in Greg Jones this offseason. Jones has been with the team since the opening of OTAs and has been a quick study of the Texans offense. Last season Jones was a solid lead blocker for the Jacksonville Jaguars and was the most underrated signing of the offseason for the Texans. Jones (6-1, 268 lbs.) is a bigger than Leach (6-0, 260 lbs.) and is the more versatile of the two when it comes to the overall player.

Throw in the fact Jones just arrived to Houston, getting rid of the 10 year veteran that quick doesn’t seem like something the Texans front office would do. This is the NFL and crazier things have happen before, but the Texans organization has never been in this situation before.

The situation, the fullback you didn’t want to let go but the team couldn’t pay him, wants to come back home. Winning and being close to the Super Bowl can influence veterans and this time it happens to be Leach.


The Potential Outcome

The Factors to Consider

1.  $400,000 is guaranteed to Greg Jones on his one year deal with the Texans.

2,  What Leach will want to come to Houston in terms on money. The Texans are only $2.6 million under the current cap, and the team still has to sign their top three draft picks.

3. There are two other fullbacks on the roster in Tyler Clutts and rookie Zach Boren. The Texans couldn’t find a real fullback in 2012, now they have three on the roster.

4. Will the Texans really invest more money in another fullback, especially the position slowly becoming extinct across the NFL.

5. Loyalty to the newest Texan in Jones and to the old one who wants to come back, in Leach.

6. The Texans want to create a competition with possibly the two best fullbacks in the league during training camp?


The Possibilities

1. The Houston Texans are in a win-win situation, but it is still hard to see the Texans pulling this one off. If they do, it is safe to say they would probably keep both Jones and Leach on the active roster. The Texans use fullbacks with the best of them and in 2006 Head Coach Gary Kubiak had two on the roster in then rookie Vonta Leach and Jarrod Baxter. So the idea of having two fullbacks on the roster is not out of the question.

2. The team could also deal Jones to another team to get his money off the books and bring in Leach for the same money and work on a deal to keep him in Houston for at least two years.

3. Sign Leach (would have to work the cap #s) and let the best man win the job during training camp and that will be the week one starter.

4. Let Leach sign somewhere else and this would be nothing but a rumored off-season story and Greg Jones is the starter in week one.


There is no telling what will come of these rumors, but it this has turned into one of the more intriguing off-season stories for the Texans.


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