March 21, 2018

Analysis: Top 5 Underrated Texans

Former Houston Texans Insider, Nick Scurfield tweeted out his five most underrated Texans in franchise history. This is who he mentioned.

When we look at the list, we tend to agree with his analysis and we have a few to add of our own.


Analysis of Nick’s List


Chester Pitts

Chester Pitts

Chester Pitts

Like Scurfield pointed out, Pitts started left tackle and guard for seven years straight until a knee injury ended his time in Houston. Pitts was a cornerstone of an underachieving time in Texans history, but his overall value to the franchise and 3,884 snaps until his injury is impressive.


Domanick Williams

Williams was the all time leading rusher in franchise history until this past season when Arian Foster passed him. Williams was another star on the rise that was derailed by a knee injury. The 4th round pick out of LSU was a steal for the production he put up.


Jaime Sharper

Jamie Sharper

Jamie Sharper

Coming over in the expansion draft, Sharper played three seasons for the Texans and started all 48 games. Throw in he totaled over 100 tackles a season while in Houston, Sharper was a solid player for the Texans on the inside of the defense.


Eric Winston

Winston was a solid right tackle for the Texans since he was drafted in 2006. With 87 straight starts for the Texans until he was a cap casualty in 2012, Winston was considered one of the top right tackles in the game. He might have slowed down some towards the end of his Texans’ tenure but his overall production since a rookie was well above average.


Matt Schaub

Of course the only current player on the list, Schaub garners the most negativity of all the Texans currently in uniform. He is not flashy but he has been productive since the Texans acquired him in a trade in 2007. These stats were added to support Schaub being on the list:




Our Additions

Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels

Still a factor in the Texans offense today and the second leading receiver in receptions, receiving touchdowns and yards in team history. Daniels seems to be forgotten when it comes to how important he is to the offensive success. With all of the offensive star power around him, Daniels is still providing consistency from the tight end position.


Seth Payne

Had his best season as a professional in 2002 when he posted 54 total tackles from the nose tackle position. Payne, when healthy, was a plug at the nose tackle position who protected his linebackers to make plays. There is not much glamour as a defensive lineman but Payne was a solid player for the Texans.


Jay Foreman

Next to Sharper, Foreman was a tackling machine. He had 207 tackles in the first two seasons of franchise history and he provided solid inside linebacker play.


Shaun Cody

His value for the Texans really took off when the defense switched to a 3-4 scheme under Wade Phillips. Also lost in the shuffle, Cody was a technician that played the run well. Despite not being what fans wanted in a nose tackle, his ability to hold the point of attack anchored the 4th (2011) and 7th (2012) rush defenses in the NFL.


Wade Smith

One of the most forgotten free agent signings in 2010, Smith helped solidify the Texans’ left side along with Duane Brown. He has started every game since 2010 and even had a Pro Bowl selection along the way. He might have had a down season in 2012 but Smith’s 2011 season was his best as a Texan.



Anyone else that is underrated that is missed?

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