March 22, 2018

Roc Carmichael Looking for More in 2013

Roc Carmichael’s rookie season was over before it started in 2011 when he was drafted out of Virginia Tech and placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Blessed with top end speed and quick footwork, Carmichael has been an after thought to people who follow the Texans.

Carmichael, the Clinton, Maryland native, is heading into his 3rd season with the Texans and is looking to build off of his 2012 season where he appeared in the last six games of the season. He was thrust into playing time with injuries to Johnathan Joseph and a season ending foot injury to Brice McCain. It was a small sample size (43 defensive snaps) with 38 snaps coming against the Tennessee Titans when McCain broke his foot. In that game, Carmichael had 5 tackles with a pass deflection but held up well as the nickel corner for the Texans.

It was a big step for Carmichael to see his first NFL action in 2012, especially after sitting out his rookie season with no game or practice time for the Texans.

“It was great for me to finally get out here for myself and get that confidence. To see myself make plays against NFL starters, being able to be a guy when the time is right for me to step up.”

Carmichael knows his time is coming and with a good off season and confidence renewed, he has not stopped working to make his mark in the Texans’ secondary.

“I’m just trying to get out there and prove myself for this team. We have a really good team, a really good shot to do some damage in the playoffs. I want to do everything I can to be a part of it this year.”



During OTAs, Carmichael was very active in 7 on 7 drills and team drills versus the offense. Carmichael, during the majority of the practices, gave wide receivers all they wanted and was breaking up passes more time than not. He looked quick and worked both corner positions along with the nickel. He has the versatility to fill in at any of the corner positions but he should be utilized on special teams as well in 2013.

He was impressive from the get go at OTAs, which was a positive sign for a cornerback position group with very little turnover for the past three seasons. Playing time will be limited in the secondary but it is apparent that Carmichael is ready to contribute and take the next step for the Texans.



Carmichael and Harris

Carmichael and Harris


Carmichael understands that teammates can help shape players in their career and he has a solid support group with some of the Texans in his position group. When he arrives on the field, there is a good chance that good friend and teammate Brandon Harris is right next to him. There is not a time where the two are not talking or laughing, and he attributes their relationship to their time before being drafted together in 2011.

“Me and B. Harris go back to our ACC days. We competed against each other hard in our Miami and Virginia Tech days. Now it is still the same. We are next door neighbors and do everything together. We are constantly pushing each other and we stay close to each other and compete with each other all the time. He is like a brother.”

It is a joy to watch the two compete on the the field and push each other to get better, despite competing at the same position and the playing time that goes with it. Both Carmichael and Harris hold a mutual respect for each other and it shows on how they work every day on the field.

The addition of Johnathan Joseph has had a great effect on the franchise than just the performance on the field. Joseph’s knowledge and work ethic has influenced the group and Carmichael has been taking notes since Joseph’s arrival in 2011. Joseph is very active in talking in the film room and does what he can to show the younger players what he sees.

Carmichael talked about the things Joseph has shared with him:

“His experience and being able to be confident with what you do. How to take the film and what you study out on the field, that is what JJo does better than anyone I have ever been around. His ablity to look at a formation and understand what is going to happen. I am trying to get there, but he has a lot of years under his belt and me being around him is helping me out a lot.

Carmichael with Vance Joseph looking on.

Carmichael with Vance Joseph looking on.

Another positive is secondary Coach Vance Joseph and how he has set the bar higher for the Texans’ secondary. He knows how to push the secondary and make them better and Carmichael is one that is benefiting from the coaching.

“Coach V is a real hard coach and tough on us out on the practice field. We (the defensive backs) go by the motto “Judgement Day, 365″. Coach V brings things out of me every day and knows how to push me.”


Moving Towards 2013

Carmichael is a gifted player. He is a consummate team player for the Texans. He will get his chance in 2013 but he will have to make the most of his snaps when he gets them. His speed will be used on special teams and he excelled towards the end of 2012 on coverage teams. He filled in during a pinch with injuries and has all the ability to compete and contribute at a high level in 2013.

With Kareem Jackson, Johnathan Joseph and Brice McCain back in 2013, Carmichael just adds even more depth to an impressive group of corner backs. Year three in the defense is only giving Carmichael more confidence and his skill set speaks volumes of the amount of talent there is in the secondary.

His time will come and Carmichael is doing everything he can to make Texans fans realize there is another top notch player on the Texans’ roster.


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