March 19, 2018

2013 Texans’ Quarterback Outlook

Houston Texans training camp is closing in and in this segment we are going to do a quick overview of the players coming to training camp, highlighting each position group.

We start with the quarterbacks in the first segment.


The Quarterbacks


Matt Schaub

The biggest scapegoat to the 2012 season failures for the Texans, will start the 2013 with all eyes on him. Schaub understands what is at stake and, after a contract extension prior to the 2012 season, it is Schaub or bust. Despite leading the team to a 12-4 record, when the offense was not moving efficiently Schaub was not able to put the team on his back and take over games. There has been speculation that Schaub was hurt last season still recovering from his foot injury in 2011, but nothing has been confirmed.

Whatever the issue may have been, the 2013 season is the biggest in Schaub’s 10 year career. With an aging core offensive group, the clock is ticking for Schaub and company. The season will not entirely rest on him but the team needs him to be more than a game manager on the field.

Outlook: The Texans starting quarterback.



Yates at OTAs.

Yates at OTAs.

T.J. Yates

The forgotten piece to the Texans success in 2011 and how well he did as a 5th round rookie. Snaps were scarce for Yates in 2012, and despite reports he is being pushed for his backup position, he still has the upper hand at the position. He has settled into the role of the team’s backup but he also understands that he needs to get better when his number is called. Year three in the offense will only help Yates moving forward and he is a valuable piece to the Texans especially with his experience he gained as a rookie.

Yates should be safe moving forward and needs to stay ready because he is one snap away from running the offense in 2013.

Outlook: The Texans backup quarterback for 2013.



Case Keenum #7

Case Keenum #7

Case Keenum

The city of Houston’s chosen one, Keenum is one of the more popular players on the team without playing a single NFL snap. He has taken a positive step in the right direction over the off-season working on the playbook and his arm strength. He will get plenty of looks in the preseason because the team needs to see exactly what they could have in Keenum. There is room for the second year pro as an NFL player but how long the Texans are willing to wait on him is another topic.

With roster spots at a premium, Keenum’s fate will rest more in how the roster is set up for the 2013 season.

Outlook: Competing for the #3 quarterback (if the Texans decide to keep 3) or another season on practice squad to develop.


Stephen McGee

Signed soon after the 2012 season, McGee is probably the most athletic quarterback of the group. He is mobile, has a strong-arm and, despite coming into the league in 2010 and with starter’s experience, McGee is still learning the game. His biggest task is learning the Texans’ playbook well enough to give himself a chance in training camp to move up the depth chart.

McGee is behind the learning curve and will need to use this break prior to training camp to get caught up.

Outlook: Has to overtake Keenum to be able to have a chance to stay with the team.


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